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  1. wrigty12

    TDW Custom Gauge Colors

    Hi Robzy, Do you have other plugins installed? It's possible one is overwriting it.
  2. wrigty12

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    So, I'm all for optimization, but with the newest change of BattleCore's EnemyName from Window to Sprite, it breaks a lot of custom code I made to add a lot of nice information to the EnemyName Window for my game. (Yeah, I know, it's a *me* problem). Would it be at all possible to get a small...
  3. wrigty12

    UFC Tower Defense

    Oh boy. Now I have to make time to take a look at this xD
  4. wrigty12

    Passive Skills

    @shamstalin did you try putting the Passive Skill plugin under all the Visustella plugins?
  5. wrigty12

    RMMZ SideView Skill - summon a "substitute"/"meat shield" character

    I had this idea for an Actor Skill that summons a separate "actor" in front of the user, and that character acts like a Substitute from Pokemon (becomes the target instead of it's summoner) or act like a "meat shield", as gruesome of a term that is. Specifically, I was thinking of a sorcerer...
  6. wrigty12

    Tea's More Event Triggers

    No problem. I like helping people learn more about Plugin Paramater/Command configuration, since it really helps the usability for Developers ^_^ (Also, for soundName @dir, use audio/bgs not audio/me. I copied that from a different plugin and forgot to change it, just in case you didn't notice it).
  7. wrigty12

    Tea's More Event Triggers

    I think you can still easily set Pitch/Volume/Pan for a sound set by the drop down. You just need to do a separate param for each, then compile them into an object when interpreting the command, instead of just doing an object to start. Here's the example I whipped up in your command's settings...
  8. wrigty12

    Characters, Tilesets & Animated Stuff v6.5

    If you're up for it, I'd love to see an expanded "burnt" tileset. I'm planning to have an event happen in my game where a fire gets out of control and burns down a few wooden houses. I'm using MZ, but MV graphics are acceptable too (since I'm using some from MV anyway). I'm specifically looking...
  9. wrigty12

    Easy Way to Count/Display Number of Events of Map?

    If you want to count all events on the map: $
  10. wrigty12

    Characters, Tilesets & Animated Stuff v6.5

    Are you planning to include walking overworld sprites for the Ship AI? I would love to use them in my game.
  11. wrigty12

    RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (June Update)

    I just stumbled upon this. I haven't dove into it to see the precise methodology of setting one up (I'm thinking about making 1 cave in my game be randomly generated, so I might use this). Seeing some previous comments about using Script Calls to generate this, have you considered creating some...
  12. wrigty12

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Honestly, the Dragon might be my favorite. Very nice work on everything, though!!
  13. wrigty12

    TDW Item Use Confirmation

    I can look into it. What would you use that "inspect" command to do, just curious? EDIT: @fizzly So I played with it a bit yesterday/this morning, and I can add a secondary command just fine, but if it's linked to a Common Event, the common event won't execute until you completely close out of...
  14. wrigty12

    Passive Skills

    I do not see this error myself, so I think I would recommend you post an image of what the Console shows (F12) when the error occurs/provide what you did to get it.
  15. wrigty12

    UFC Tower Defense

    Yay! So far that is all working great now! Throwing this into my actual game, I now see that the TowerAction UI doesn't really like screens smaller than the one in your demo (Mine is Width 816, Height 624). I'm playing with moving the x/y of the Upgrade section, and honestly it looks good if...
  16. wrigty12

    UFC Tower Defense

    @UnwantedFriedChicken I found the error caused by the Message Core :) You had an extra \\FS without anything after it in the Sell string: Deleting that fixes that issue. And after that, the only thing I'm still seeing is that the towers don't attack. (I hope there aren't any more Visustella...
  17. wrigty12

    UFC Tower Defense

    Yeah, I just downloaded a fresh version of your demo, added the newer GuideAction and Tower Defense .js, and installed the Message core and I still see it. Also the towers still don't seem to be attacking enemies when Events and Movement Core is enabled.
  18. wrigty12

    UFC Tower Defense

    I haven't seen any lag with those regions, and I use them in my normal game. Next VisuStella Bug, now when I try to interact with a placed tower, the Visustella Message Core causes an error with how you're drawing text...
  19. wrigty12

    UFC Tower Defense

    Definitely keep Terrain tag as an option though. I think of Terrain Tags as an overall setting, while RegionID is more for Fine Tuning. I hope the compatibility fix for VisuStella is an easy one..
  20. wrigty12

    UFC Tower Defense

    Your solution works perfect! So I thought of a good enhancement idea, so I went and coded it in. Attached is the guide to adding it to your own code, so as always, if you feel like it's good feel free to just throw it in! It allows you to set RegionIDs to allow/not allow placing towers in the...

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