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  1. Enemies not using attacks when scheduled

    yes, that was the problem. thank you for your help!
  2. Enemies not using attacks when scheduled

    I've been putting the specific ones 2 turns below the others, perhaps that is the problem.
  3. response attacks

    unfortunately no, I was looking for something that made an enemy only counter when hit with a certain kind of attack. thank you for the help, though.
  4. Enemies not using attacks when scheduled

    I'm suddenly having a problem where enemies wont use attacks when they're scheduled to. for example, if I set an attack to be used on turn 4 in conditions, it just wont; the enemy will keep using their "always" attacks. anyone know the solution to this?
  5. response attacks

    how would I go about having an enemy respond with an attack when hit with a specific kind of attack? for example, having an enemy immediately attack if they are hit by a magic spell.
  6. How do you use TP in your game, if at all?

    How do you use TP in your game, if at all? I just wanted to know how some other people use this often unused mechanic. there are a lot of possibilites for it.
  7. problem with Ace Battle Engine

    thanks for the suggestion! I had it and core engine below TP Manager, that's what was causing it.
  8. problem with Ace Battle Engine

    I re-copied the script and put it in with no changes, and yet this still occured.
  9. problem with Ace Battle Engine

    for some reason, while using Yanfly's ace battle engine, it says that all attacks deal no damage; even though that attack actually did deal damage. it also shows the null symbol. if you attack them long enough, the enemy will still die, even though it says the attacks dealt no damage. anyone...

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I am looking for some way to insert a video into the titlescreen
before the player presses Start Game.

I have not found a thread about it. It might be different for VX Ace compared to MV.

But from what I have seen I would change the ruby 1.9 code.
Has Shaz or someone else done this before?

Ideal end goal:
Application starts -> Video (once) -> Main Menu -> 3 min wait -> Video -> Main Menu -> 3 min wait -> ...
I will probably need this again:

So I put it here. Feels easy to access now.

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