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  1. Porkate

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Studio Blue Game Submission

    Haven't had any critiques for my project in a long time so I'd like to submit my game. Really looking forward to what you think if you so decide to try it out! EDIT: I completely forgot to add a patch which fixes a game breaking glitch lol. Apologies but I now updated the game...

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My One Map Challenge is nearing completion. I am in the multiple run testing phase atm. This is the map. Beware the minotaurs in the maze area. The female ones are more aggressive. Can you prove to the land of Winchell that a dragon and a human can love each other?
I am looking for some way to insert a video into the titlescreen
before the player presses Start Game.

I have not found a thread about it. It might be different for VX Ace compared to MV.

But from what I have seen I would change the ruby 1.9 code.
Has Shaz or someone else done this before?

Ideal end goal:
Application starts -> Video (once) -> Main Menu -> 3 min wait -> Video -> Main Menu -> 3 min wait -> ...
I will probably need this again:

So I put it here. Feels easy to access now.

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