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  1. MaGicBush

    RMMZ [RMMZ-V2.2]Dynamic Light & Ultra Shadow & Event Shadow & Time System

    Oh hah! I was using v1.4 somehow. I just updated to 2.2 from your dropbox link on the first post. It works great now. Thank you! I may throw a few bones your way on itch if I end up using your plugin :D. Thanks for your time!
  2. MaGicBush

    RMMZ [MZ & MV v1.9.1] Shora Lighting & Shadow System

    So I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I cannot get a flashlight to work. I copied from the demo, and made an item called "flashlight." I put the [light flashlight] note on the flashlight item, and I added flashlight to the "lights: custom" within the plugin. I then added the flashlight to...
  3. MaGicBush

    RMMZ [RMMZ-V2.2]Dynamic Light & Ultra Shadow & Event Shadow & Time System

    Yes that's it, but for me even when I move my mouse down the light path just stays facing up. It will move around a little bit as I move the mouse, but it wont stay with my mouse pointer. I attached a picture, but it wont show my mouse when I try to print screen. My mouse is down by the light pole.
  4. MaGicBush

    RMMZ [RMMZ-V2.2]Dynamic Light & Ultra Shadow & Event Shadow & Time System

    So I had time to play around with your plugin a while. I love the shadows! The plugin looks nicer than the others, but it seems buggy. At least flashlights. Even in your demo the flashlight just wants to aim up and wont rotate with the mouse very well at all. I would love for that to get patched...
  5. MaGicBush

    RMMZ [RMMZ-V2.2]Dynamic Light & Ultra Shadow & Event Shadow & Time System

    I did in fact migrate my project from MV. I followed a guide, and it never mentioned not to copy that folder nor that I would need to change a bunch of other files. I copied over your pixi.js file, and then made a new project and copied a bunch of other files I had not done to finish migrating...
  6. MaGicBush

    RMMZ [RMMZ-V2.2]Dynamic Light & Ultra Shadow & Event Shadow & Time System

    I just downloaded and tried your plugin, and I get an outdated pixi error. " Uncaught Error: PIXI version is low.Recommend Version of RMMV is 1.6.2 at QJ-Lighting.js:1071" It shows my PIXI version is 4.5.4 right below it. I also have RMMZ 1.5.0 the latest version. The demo works and looks...
  7. MaGicBush

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Yea I just tried this and having the same error when loading saves in my game, and the demo as well. Great plugin though if that gets to working! *edit* I also tried Snaphat's version and get the same bug. I also am having issues, but I am probably doing something wrong since it works fine on...
  8. MaGicBush

    RMMV FF1 Remake: Road to Prequel

    I will be watching this thread! FF1 was the first RPG I played when I was 8 or so years old on my old NES. I actually ended up with FF1 instead of a game I wanted, as my mom bought the wrong game lol. I only played it a bit, but I was 8. A few years later I gave it a good go and beat it(10). I...
  9. MaGicBush

    RMVX NetherQuest (version 0.84)

    I'll give it a shot, as it sounds like you have put a ton of effort in. I used to play a few older western RPG's when I was in my teens so this could be interesting. It maybe a while before I can give you a review, as I don't have a lot of time for game playing. One question. Is there any...
  10. MaGicBush

    Question about copyright using pixel art

    Alright thanks. Yea I am not ripping anything, but working on a game based off of Rampage on the NES. Changing up the sprites, and making my own but using the game concept.
  11. MaGicBush

    Question about copyright using pixel art

    So I am working on some pixel art for my game, but I am basing it off of an old Nintendo game. If it looks similar, but I make it with some slight variations is that ok as long as I am not ripping the characters/sprites from that game? I just don't want to get some letter randomly from Nintendo...
  12. MaGicBush

    Dark screen with a new game?

    So I have my first scene done, but one issue is nagging at me. As soon as the game loads I want the screen to be completely black with some white text on it. I got this part down just fine, but the second you click new game it shows the scene for a split second and then flashes black. Is there a...
  13. MaGicBush

    What do you like to drink or usually drink?

    Yea I don't care to much about my health other than trying a small amount to be healthy, but that is with food or working out. Everything kills you slowly it's part of life. I want to enjoy it. My mom has drank coke or diet coke all day(I remember it as a kid even) the last 50 years and is still...
  14. MaGicBush

    What are you developing besides rpg?

    Well in the past I have worked with Game Maker(uses GM script), and JS/HTML on a webpage I made long ago. It was a mod site for Minecraft back when it was in alpha(no curse or nexus back then). I got a few people to post mods on it, but it never got anywhere really. I then turned it into a site...
  15. MaGicBush

    Do You Believe In Spooky/Supernatural Stuff?

    Oh my bad! It's just my belief since the thread was asking no one needs to comment on it. Nor am I trying to steer the discussion towards that :D. Carry on!
  16. MaGicBush

    Do You Believe In Spooky/Supernatural Stuff?

    I believe in Jesus and God, and thus I believe that demons and angels exist. So I voted for "some of it," as I don't believe in ghosts or "spirits." Though of course I believe that everyone has a soul. I believe once you die your with Jesus or your not, and not left on the earth. As far as...
  17. MaGicBush

    RM Bridge to PGMMV Tutorials

    While it looks way more complicated to do the basics than RPG Maker, it is also easier to use it looks like than Game Maker. Well at least no scripting needed anyways. Though, it does have that weird logic tree. That animator looks cool to. Thanks for the videos. I look forward to more when you...
  18. MaGicBush

    Pixel Maker MV category?

    Alright good to hear! I figured the DLC was a hit or miss based on what that artist says. I will be grabbing Pixel Maker eventually then.
  19. MaGicBush

    Pixel Maker MV category?

    So we have conflicting reports here lol. It would be great if an official staff member could clear this up on the RTP resources. Though if they have an official tool to use those assets it sounds like we can. With the dlc's as PaladinJessa said I am sure it is dependent on what it's ToS says, or...
  20. MaGicBush

    Pixel Maker MV category?

    So are you guys going to add a subsection for Pixel Maker MV? It is made by you guys right? Or is it not? It has MV in the name like RPG Maker MV so I find it slightly confusing why it's not on this site at all? The advertising seems similar as well. The only forums I can find for it are Steam...

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