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  1. gcook725

    Moving day is nigh! Too bad I need to pack and clean stuff up before I l can work on RPGMaker...

    Moving day is nigh! Too bad I need to pack and clean stuff up before I l can work on RPGMaker goodies though...
  2. gcook725

    Skills and Items help needed

    You can use common events for all of these effects and then call the common event when the ability is used. For example, on the first skill, you need 3 separate skills, one to run the common event and one for each effect. The common event would set a variable to a random number, we'll say a...
  3. gcook725

    April Goals and Progress Thread

    I'm not expecting a lot of time this month since I'm moving and looking for a new job, but here are the goals I wrote down in my journal: Finish eventing weather system Plan out 10 weapons, 10 armors, and 10 items, and 4 monsters (3 normal, 1 boss) for the database Avoid too much bloat for...
  4. gcook725

    Thoughts on Random Encounters

    My favorite implementation of random encounters is in Bravely Default. In that game, you can enter the options menu to alter the encounter rate. You can set it so low that you get no encounters, or so high you can barely take 3 steps without triggering a fight. This is useful for a couple of...
  5. gcook725

    Finally off work for a couple days and at the house. Poking around RMMV and trying to get a...

    Finally off work for a couple days and at the house. Poking around RMMV and trying to get a grasp of the new engine lol.
  6. gcook725

    Its been a while since I've poked my head here... how is everyone doing?

    Its been a while since I've poked my head here... how is everyone doing?
  7. gcook725

    Legend of Zelda games

    I've seen and demo'd a few RM Zelda games (direct clones of the world and style for each usually). I helped work on one way in the past, mapping a specific area for the project head... but the whole thing fell through. The issue at the time is that the ABS that were out at the time were riddled...
  8. gcook725

    Designing the Perfect Puzzle

    To extend ksjp17's post, reflex/timing based puzzles often shouldn't be entirely unforgiving (notable exceptions being in games where these kinds of puzzles are the norm). They should give the player some time to acclimatize themselves before the game truly punishes (death/major damage). As for...
  9. gcook725


    I whole-heartedly agree with TF after finally playing it. The game is amazing. For however much I would've loved to have won first place in Encounters of the Boss Kind, this game definitely deserved it. Kumquat, you've done something awesome with the constraints of the contest and it should be...
  10. gcook725


    Okay, definitely going to have to give this a try later on when I'm not too busy. Just looking at your post, it appears like you had an amazing theme throughout the entire game while even finding a way to incorporate it into the boss fight itself. Very excited to find the time to try this out...
  11. gcook725

    What would you think about a game with no/very few levels?

    omen613 has a point. If I remember right there were some complaints about Paper Mario Sticker Star's lack of a leveling system. The only real incentive to combat in it was to get enemies out of the way and earn enough cash to get more stickers (abilities and attacks) to... fight... more? There...
  12. gcook725

    Will the creator of SAD from the boss encounter contest please post his game in completed games?

    While you wait you can play some of the other submissions ;P. I believe they're being posted under the Completed Games sub forum. Mine and MISTER BIG T's games (the tied for third place games) are both up over there, and I know I saw a few more too.
  13. gcook725

    Demon Slayer Z

    Heh, thanks. Actually noticed that after I submitted but derped and forgot to fix it. I'll get that done quickly. It originally hit 5-10 times with no turn loss, but with a lot less damage overall... I guess I forgot to include all the stuff it needed heh. Edit: Not sure how it hit 9 times...
  14. gcook725

    Demon Slayer Z

    Demon Slayer Z Download Here! (Current version: 1.1.1) Abstract This game was created for the Encounters of the Boss Kind contest event held over at in celebration for RPG Maker’s 24th birthday. It placed 3rd with a tie between my entry and Lamia must die! by MISTER BIG T (you...
  15. gcook725

    Unlocking the Potential of Skills

    Unlocking the Potential of Skills Written by: gcook725 Introduction: "Simple enough for a child; powerful enough for a developer." So, I've decided to write this tutorial for two reasons. The first is that it is all-too-often that I find RM developers not using skills to their potential. This...
  16. gcook725

    If you can add anything to RPG Maker what would it be?

    Well, the my most desired feature going from VX to Ace was answered in the form of the Shadow Pen *Snuggles the Shadow Pen* Oh how I love thee my tenebrous quill! *clears throat* ahem. Pardon that. Anyways, the things I feel that RPG Maker could benefit most from are more refined mapping...
  17. gcook725

    Keeping people from abusing a ingame utility

    In that case, it might be interesting to see the special city eventually have some kind of unique or otherwise more interesting items once it gets far more upgraded, perhaps only really accessable towards the later end of the game. That makes upgranding the city not only a matter of convenience...
  18. gcook725

    How to make skills more useful?

    No, it isn't bad game design. Not always. However if you are having all the characters recover all of their mana after battle, then each character should be expected to use most, if not all of their mana in any particular battle, otherwise its not really a resource the player would have to...
  19. gcook725

    Battle systems! VS!

    For RPG Maker itself, I tend to prefer the front-view battle unless the alternative battle system is done WELL and done in a way that makes it interesting. I don't generally prefer the appearance of the default battle system however, since its kinda clunky and ugly looking. When it comes to...
  20. gcook725

    Keeping people from abusing a ingame utility

    General rule of game design for influencing a player to not abuse some kind of utility is to somehow deincentivize its use or to incentivize the use of something else as an alternative. For example, in World of Warcraft when the Cataclysm expansion released the developers remade a couple of the...

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