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  1. LVGames

    RMMV Tenko Story (No Travel Jam Submission)

    Hello everyone I'm LVGames I did my best to finish the game for the No Travel Game Jam. This is The Tale Of Tenko How He Started Sword Swinging Super Slashers® Synopsis: Tenko must find a way to get off the Island he got stranded in. Game Platforms: Game can be played on Web browser, PC and...
  2. LVGames

    Anyone know what happen to yanflys GamepadConfig.js

    I dont see this site up at the moment I wanted to set up gamepad buttons to bind to keyboard keys A and S. Anyone know another way to setup gamepad keys to the game?
  3. LVGames

    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    Which RPG Maker engine is your favorite? What one thing about the engine do you enjoy most? My favorite is MV. The one thing I like about the engine, is the event system. It's not like the other game maker engines. It's very different but at the same time it's unique and that's what makes...
  4. LVGames

    Galv's Scripts CF Step SE airship help

    Anyone know how to solve the problem for the MV Plugin Galv's CF Step SE. When you are flying in your airship you still make noises as if you were walking on the ground when flying?
  5. LVGames

    Free RPG Maker MV Ready Animations Plug And Play

    Free Animation FX RPG Maker Ready These Animations are all meant to be looped as long as you need them to. You can loop them over by copying all the frames and paste on the last frame again to loop it as many time as needed. If you have ideas for animations effects comment and I can do my best...
  6. LVGames

    Anyone know what happen to the Collectible Card Game

    Hi everyone there is the Collectible Card Game for Rpg Maker MV on youtube. When you click there link there is nothing there. Here is the Youtube Video
  7. LVGames

    How to add a Quit/Exit button to the Scene_GameEnd?

    Here is a picture to show where the Quit/Exit button would be to shutdown the game from the map menu. I think that would be super handy.
  8. LVGames

    Dose anyone know what Scene is this called. I cant figure it out.

    Here is a picture to see which Scene Im trying to figure out what its called.

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