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  1. EFizzle

    Checking a variable in a plugin based on the actor's ID

    I'm a total scrub with JavaScript so bear with me here, like I don't know anything about the language. I want to use a variable based on an actor's ID and use the value of that variable to load an image. So basically what I want in game is I'd change that variable's value to get a different...
  2. EFizzle


    Tungsten Tungsten is an RPG inspired by the Earthbound/Mother series and it's also very loosely inspired by Pokemon as well. It's a short game, roughly 30 minutes of content, but it should still be fun and enjoyable! Story The game takes place in the town of Tungsten in the year 20XX. You...
  3. EFizzle

    Couple Luna Engine problems! Oh no!

    So first off, this thing rocks! Secondly, I'm trying to make myself a custom menu and I've encountered some problems... 1) Lag when opening up submenus! I've noticed that in my game there's considerable lag when I'm opening up things like Items or Equipment. but in the demos there isn't any. I...
  4. EFizzle

    Candy Jam game jam! As some of you probably figured out, but for those that haven't heard the news: King, the developers of Candy Crush: Saga was just awarded the trademark for the common word "Candy". Yes, Candy! It's ridiculous that they can come in, and just take the word candy! Now we...
  5. EFizzle

    Clicky-clacky bleep-bloops in my messages!

    We all know that some games make use of sound effects to make it seem like a typewriter is typing out the words on the screen, or that the animal in animal crossing is actually speaking to you, or you just plain hear a beep after you hit enter to move onto the next thing that boring NPC has to...
  6. EFizzle

    VX Ace 1.02a update - Unspecified Error in Set Weather Effects

    I'm using the new updated VX Ace 1.02a. Every time I try to use weather effects, this happens. I'm rather annoyed, it even happens on fresh new projects as well. PLUS the unspecified Error pop-up will not go away, alt+F4 does nothing. In order to make it go away, I have to End Task VX Ace. Fix...

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