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    DataManager loading a custom JSON file

    I'm writing a plugin for a little game I am developing that will need to load an additional JSON file into a variable used by the plugin itself. (function () { function MyManager() { throw new Error("This is a static class"); } MyManager._mydata = null...
  2. Unqou

    How to customize Side-view Battle code?

    Like the question said: how to customize Side-view battle code? I tried to see the JS code (It is what I do in order to write my own plugins), but I can't understand which JS class / manager etc I should change and where is the side-view battle code. I'd like to try to change a bit the side-view...
  3. Unqou

    RMMV actor.note... undefined?

    I am trying to define a custom (binded to char and not changable) parameter so I tried to store it into a notetag (in my case <sr X> where X is a number). The first issue I am encountering (as the title said) is that actor.note seems undefined, and this is strange. I tried to use a debug event...
  4. Unqou

    Extracting Texts OUTSIDE Script Editor

    Hi. I'm (slowly) developing a commercial application that should allow creating a multi-language game with RpgMaker VX Ace AND/OR RpgMaker MV (the two rpg makers I own). The application did the job in two steps. On the first step, it extracts all game text (messages, etc) and collect them in a...
  5. Unqou

    "Unexpected identifier" on EnemyBook.js official plugin

    Perhaps I am a bit stupid, and I missed something but: Every time I try to use this plugin the "Unexpected identifier error" happens. This is the complete error message, obtained pressing F8: What I did: I added an event (fixed event) wich contains only a script command with those...
  6. Unqou

    [Deploying: (Browser, Android, Ios)]: proper way to save a config file?

    First of all, sorry if I placed this topic on a wrong section. I will spoiler the reason why I posted here -------------------------------------------------------------- This is another question related to my project I started one year ago: a translation system that will allow to have multiple...
  7. Unqou

    Help Creating a scene with selectable items

    Hi. Here I am trying to create the basic structure of my "Select Language" Scene. In this code there are several issues, but I'm trying to focus on some of them. First of all. The scene should be composed by two windows. The first one (not reported here) only draw a text with the title "Choose...
  8. Unqou

    [SOLVED] How to correctly "aliasing"?

    Hi. I'm completely new to JavaScript and I have one question: if I would like to "aliasing", for example, DataManager.loadDatabase, is this code is considered correct? (function() { var _DataManager_loadDatabase = DataManager.prototype.loadDatabase; DataManager.prototype.loadDatabase...
  9. Unqou

    Two questions about "Season Pass" for RpgMaker MV

    Preface: I'm undecided if I am interested or not to buy Season Pass (probably more not than yes, but I'm considering it). However I have two questions: 1) Is the season pass available only on steam or also elsewhere? I mean... I though I could consider to buy only some part of those 4 DLC, but...
  10. Unqou

    [Solved] Change command text(s) "on_the_fly"

    Hi. I am writing an application wich should you allow to make a translatable game (it generates a ruby script from a list *.po files containing all text translations). The generated ruby script almost work, but I have an issue I still cannot solve. The problem is changing the text on main menu...
  11. Unqou

    [VX Ace]: Is there a way to call a ruby function each time a saved game is loaded?

    I am trying to develop another method that should allow to create multi-language games with RpgMaker VX Ace (the development is still in a very early stage... so a lot of work is still required). But I have to plan well all the stages required... Well... this question is about the 'import...
  12. Unqou

    [Vx Ace]Is there a way to iterate all events in all maps?

    Hi... I tried to figure myself (reading core ruby scripts and searching in this forum) how I could I iterate all events in all maps, but I am unable to understand how to perform this task. Now I will explain why I'd like to iterate all events, so it is clearer what I am trying to do. My...
  13. Unqou

    [Vx Ace] msgbox_p left out focus on Ubuntu

    EDIT: There is nothing wrong in my code... The problem I actually encountered is explained in my second reply. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original question (when I thought that the problem was on my script code)...

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