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  1. BurgerMasterMan

    Lighting Plugin Not Working Post-Deployment

    So here I am: Everything is ready, the game has been tested, and I'm ready to put my game up on the internet. I deploy my game and test it out one last time. To my dismay, I find out that the first map in the game is pitch black. I use the LNM Lighting Tool plugin with my game. I know it had its...
  2. BurgerMasterMan

    "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject"

    I apologize foe posting on the forums so much but I believe this may be the end of it if there isn't a fix to this. Last night, I was working on my game and everything was fine. I close it out like normal and open it the next day only only for the game to not be able to read my "game" file...
  3. BurgerMasterMan

    RPG No Longer Opens At All

    I hate having to create new threads and waste more people's time but I am in desperate need of help! RPG Maker no longer opens whatsoever! When I attempt to run it, the little title card with all the anime characters pulls up but the actual editor studio doesn't load anymore. When I check my...
  4. BurgerMasterMan

    RPG Maker MV Lighting Issue

    Though I am usually able to trouble shoot and fix these kinds of issues on my own, I can't seem to figure out the underlying problem behind this one. I was hoping someone here could help out. I've been using the "Terrax Lighting" plugin as a major part of the visuals in my game for awhile now...
  5. BurgerMasterMan

    HELP! No new playtests are working!!!

    As the title says, none of my new playtests are working! Let me explain: I made a game about a year ago that I kind of stopped working on completely for a few months... Five months or so pass and I decide to return to RPG Maker and experiment with new ideas and designs. I didn't want to screw up...

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