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  1. RPG Difficulty Levels

    The OP's original idea - difficulty options rather than a simple Easy/Normal/Hard progression - is an idea I like somewhat. For example, Mass Effect 3 has playstyle options something along the lines of 'Standard Mass Effect', 'Shut Up and Let Me Shoot Dudes' (dialogue choices made for you), and...
  2. Fun Combat With Few Battlers ?

    Sometimes it's the craziest problems that are the most fun to solve, and it's a fun thought exercise regardless. Thank you for listening to my rambling (and moreso if you continue, since this post has gotten long). Honestly, I think the type of battle system you describe is probably the best...
  3. Fun Combat With Few Battlers ?

    Theorycrafting and character progression are my main vices as well. I think designing a good universal character system and a single-character turn-based RPG at the same time is a path down which only madness lies, but here are some of my thoughts about it. (I've framed some of it in the context...

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