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  1. RavenBlueIndigo

    Change Camera Origin?

    Does anyone know if there are any plugins out there to change the origin of the camera? By that, I mean where it is centered on th e screen. I am planning to port a game of mine to MV from Ace, and in that game, the camera was centered more upward instead of the center of the screen as the...
  2. RavenBlueIndigo

    RMVXA Square & Triangle

  3. RavenBlueIndigo

    Looking for a script call?

    I don't know if this is the right area to post this, but I was wondering if there exists a script call or a script to force a change in the keybindings in a project. Basically, the controls in my game need to look akin to this in the F1 control scheme. It won't start like that for people...
  4. RavenBlueIndigo

    Raven's Musical Roost

    Hello, folks! I do some musical composition and decided that I'd make a thread here to share music that I have finished. This is the soundtrack to a game I developed for a contest. The loops are rather short due to it being a week-long contest. I used a power drill and the Earthbound...
  5. RavenBlueIndigo

    MOGHunter's Picture Effects Script

    Does anyone know if there is a way to make this script not mess up every single picture? I really want to use it for one of the effects it has but it tears apart my picture HUD.
  6. RavenBlueIndigo

    Raven's Aviary of Art

    Heya, guys! Raven here! I do a fair bit of Pixel Art and I've made this topic to share my work with y'all~ I typically work with minimal colors. I started with black and white and I've since started dabbling with mixing in more colors, but I rarely dabble with more than two colors. It is an...

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