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  1. dragoonwys

    Solved-How to condense 'is X or Y or Z buttons pressed' conditional branches into one through script

    Hi there! Context, I'm trying to make this window appear and disappear whenever the character moves or stops in place. Unfortunately I don't know how to do that directly as an extension to the code yet so I am using in editor events instead...
  2. dragoonwys

    Looking for style inspiration for making implied super tall redwood tree tiles

    Heyo! I'm looking for some style inspiration for trees that are so tall they can't be shown fully on the map and have to be implied. The map in question is that I want to make a Redwood forest, and the 4 tile tall trees I normally make don't give me the right feeling that I am trying to go for...
  3. dragoonwys

    Main Menu Text missing when Draw Game Title is unchecked, base project: playtest and deployed

    Hi, I would like to ask if this is a problem with my own Maker or is other people experiencing this. I'm using windows 7, my rpgmaker MV version is 1.6.1 from Steam This is all from a fresh base project, no plugins. Whenever I uncheck the Draw Game Title in systems, like so The menu looks...
  4. dragoonwys

    Curious about general BG picture size/dimentions

    Question because I'm curious, I don't have VNMaker yet but I do like making assets to share when they pop into my head randomly, I'm wondering what are the general pixel size/dimensions of backgrounds in VNM? Just so I don't go below average size when I draw them. Thanks~! ouo/
  5. dragoonwys

    Noob question: How to make the game read the code writen in JS files.

    I just finished learning the bare basics of java scripting so I'm still pretty new to this and I'm more than willing to learn more. And apologies if my code looks messy or wrong. I looked up a number plugins but I'm not actually sure how to integrate the code to be called from the game. I see...
  6. dragoonwys

    Changing map events via terrain tag variables and Shift Mapping

    There is no template to format this thread but I'll try my best to list out what I have done on the base project for easy identification :kaomad2:If there is any changes or improvements that could be made, feel free to point it out. I'm not sure how lessons are started considering students are...
  7. dragoonwys

    Preview image in screen tint window for easier judgement

    Description of the Feature: Currently, even with the color slide tones to the side of the window. It is actually hard to judge just what the tint screen colors will turn out exactly in game. Having some sort of preview function would make adding in the right color of tint easier and more...
  8. dragoonwys

    Way to hide Key Item category from shop sell menu

    Hello, I'm wondering if it's possible to get a code or small plugin to hide the key item category from the shops' sell menu? ^^ I'm not sure if there is a way to do this already, I searched everywhere and only could find the VXA way of doing it with Ruby. By default, all your item categories...
  9. dragoonwys

    To change or not to change 'generic' terms like Mana in games

    This was a little discussion I had with a few friends over coffee and thought it would be an interesting topic to bring up. One of them says that they're a little annoyed seeing Magic Points and Mana listed as the energy for skills used in most games, "Why not more games use Spirit or Astral or...
  10. dragoonwys

    Small help with adding Mr.TS Perks to Yanfly main menu manager.

    Hello, like the title says, I'm trying to add in Mr. Trivel's perks system, into my main menu via Yanfly MM manager The option shows without Yanfly's manager as usual, but when I...
  11. dragoonwys

    What's your stand on 'easy' modes in lore heavy games?

    I have been replaying the Shadowrun trilogy recently. And in Shadowrun HK, under the difficulty settings they described the easy option as 'for new players or players who are here for the story.' Now I never touched this mode before, being one who enjoys the game's tactical combat system a lot...
  12. dragoonwys

    Showing Hime's battle command in the middle of battle

    Hello, I'm trying to use Hime's Actor Battle Commands to make it show a new skill type (something like a list of High Damage skills) when an Actor's TP is at their max of 100, if it is below that number this entire skill option will not...
  13. dragoonwys

    Dwys' MV bin (tiles/sprites/icons/generator) [New:Large Bullet Train Extendable]

    I make stuff from time to time, sometimes for myself sometimes as requests. Feel free to use anything here according to the rules~ Terms of Use/ Credit -You must have MV to use these. Credit: 'dragoonwys' or 'Won Yan Shan' if you use it, thank you~ ^^ Use: Can use in Non-commercial games! Can...
  14. dragoonwys

    Dwys' Art Stash

    8') I'm mostly an illustrator but I make basic sprites too. Still a long way to go on that last one before I can call myself proficient in it, but always ready to learn! Gonna be dropping my some of the art things especially the pixel art I do on a whim here from time to time. So to start...
  15. dragoonwys

    Hello there folks!

    Hey there! I'm a freelance digital illustrator/concept artist, I usually use RPG maker to do small games/mini movies as gifts for friends or for my own amusement. XD I actually had RPG maker since VX but I finally thought to switch to MV and drop into the forums a bit now. 8') One day I'll...

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