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  1. Archeia

    Announcement Community News - December 17, 2019

    Thank you for your patience! The newest forum update is here! What's New? Upgraded to the latest forum software. There are three forum skin choices! Go to the very bottom of the page and pick your poison. RMW-LightTheme - uses the old forum colors. Swift - ColorTheme1 works great if you have...
  2. Archeia

    Announcement Forum Maintenance (12/17/2019, 1PM PST)

    Hello everyone! On December 17, 2019, RMW will undergo maintenance at 1PM PST. We hope to finish around 2 - 4 hours at most. Thank you for your understanding and have fun RPG Making! :MV1:
  3. Archeia

    CoffeeScript Scene/Action Based UI: Right Click Save Menu

    What does it do? This allows you to open the save menu instead of settings menu when pressing right click for scene based UI projects. Download
  4. Archeia

    RPG Maker MV Eating Memory Problem Solving

    This is to keep record of issues we discovered that causes RMMV to cause memory issues. User Report#1: Memory eating MV: TLDR - *audio drivers from MSI (my graphics card), called 'Nahimic Service'*
  5. Archeia

    Branching Path Tutorial + Demo

    I have written the tutorials here: If for some reason you still have a hard time even with the knowledge of what switches, variables and...
  6. Archeia

    Bug Fix: Event Jitter / Display Rounding Error

    Some people mistake this for Screen Tearing or Character lag. Events and the tilemap were rounding extremely low values from "display_x" and "display_y" differently. The tilemap are always rounded up while characters/events are always rounded down. What do I mean by extremely low values...
  7. Archeia

    Announcement ReStaff March 2019 Release!

    Calm was the even, clear was the sky, the new budding flowers did spring. Southward, the summer isle, Bamboos spire the grove. We will seek the quiet hill, With blue-bells blowing near, The fields breathe sweet, flowers kiss our feet, Young lovers meet, old wives a-sunning sit, Spring, the...
  8. Archeia

    Algxel - An RM2k/3 Balancing Tool

    Algxel Download An RM2k/3 Balancing Tool Algxel is an excel sheet created by Chartley designed to calculate algorithms in Rpg Maker 2000! Instructions by Chartley: So, what does Algxel calculate? • Attack Damage: Both from hero to enemy, and enemy to hero. • Skill Damage: Both from hero...
  9. Archeia

    Javascript VNM Script Call List

    Per tradition, here's the VNM Script Call List :kaopride: Link Version
  10. Archeia

    VNM Tips and Tricks

    MacOSX Issue Fix for Specific Cases: Thank you DarkCube!
  11. Archeia

    CoffeeScript VNM Patches

    This topic serves as semi-official patches until the next VNM update rolls around or if by any reason you don't want to update. Allow Shadow Property on JSON Patch VNM Version 1.0.1093 ...
  12. Archeia

    Event RPG Maker 29th Birthday: Release Something Event

    Beautiful Banner Art by @marimo It's RPG Maker's birthday and you're invited to join in the celebration! We're a little bit late to celebrate the birthday (Feb. 15) but hopefully we can still show our love and appreciation for the engine! The aim is to release a game - either complete or demo...
  13. Archeia

    Forum Changelog (March 4, 2019)

    Hi everyone! The maintenance is now over and as you might have noticed, the forum layout is extremely different today! Here's a write up of some of the important changes we've done to make your forum browsing and posting easier. General Updates Community Central has a few renames to make the...
  14. Archeia

    Luna Engine MV Devlog

    Hi everyone, A while ago we posted that we're working and maybe not working on Luna Engine MV. Well, the good news is, we just finished the newest iteration last month and here's what we have so far in testing. There are a lot of new features and the way we handled the configuration is way...
  15. Archeia

    Forum Maintenance Announcement

    Hi everyone! We will be having a forum maintenance this Monday, March 4 at 10am JST. The maintenance could be take up to 1-4 hours. Hopefully we won't take long! Cheers and have a good day~
  16. Archeia

    RMVXA Interesting Font Rendering

    So I was playing around VXA's font rendering and I noticed something very interesting. I noticed some games have perfect pixel font rendering while some are struggling. Here's Helvetica Pixel by default: While here's another one I'm using that is being "Squeezed" somehow in message? I also...
  17. Archeia

    How do I change my username?

    This is a topic that keep popping out from what I noticed, so I'll just make a sticky topic for easy replies and search for everyone. Contact @Archeia (aka me) and then post here or just private message (PM) me the following: Make sure to search if your desired username(s) are already taken...
  18. Archeia

    Javascript AEL -- Change Keys

    Change Keys Introduction This plugin overwrites a lot of input functions. This allows you to use Space bar and Enter Key to proceed messages. Backspace will hide the window instead of space bar. Extension Download Download Here! Source Code Download Download Here! License I use the MIT...
  19. Archeia

    Announcement RPG Maker MV KADOKAWA Freebies 2019!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019! To celebrate a Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, KADOKAWA and DEGICA present free resources for your RPG Maker MV games! Let's go and reveal them all one by one shall we? Dark Fantasy Character Pack Enjoy a new set of Dark Fantasy...
  20. Archeia

    Tiled Plugin (Demo for RMMV 1.3.0+ Released)

    Tiled Plugin for RPG Maker MV Presented by @Dr.Yami and @Archeia Do you want to use tiles of any size? Tired of RPG Maker VX-MV style map editor? Tired of Parallax Mapping? Want to have more control over your map collision? Want more animation frames from your tiles? Do you prefer a more...

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