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  1. VesperCire

    Conflict between some of Yanfly's plugins and SRD Supertools

    I recently installed SumRndmDde's Supertools plugin, and soon after I encountered a huge bug, being that I was unable to open the Skills, Equip, Status and Formation menus for the first party member. When doing so, I would receive this message: This wouldn't occur for any of the other party...
  2. VesperCire

    Deployed Game can't save (PC)

    I sent my game to one of my friends, but he says that he can't save. There's no error, just it jumps back to the save slot selection. He's doing this on PC, and the only plug in that I had that should be doing anything with saves is Yanfly's Save Core. Any help?
  3. VesperCire

    How to show chapter titles with Yep_SaveCore

    More or less what the title says. Instead of saying "Karmalia v.0.1.0" (the game title), I'd want it to show the title of the current chapter. The text would need to change depending on if the Chapter 'x' switch is on or off. Thanks in advance!
  4. VesperCire

    How to make an endless path?

    So in my game, the player and another character are walking down a path, just talking. I don't want this path to end until all the dialogue has been seen. How would I make the path seem endless, with the player looping up to the top of the path so they don't reach the bottom?
  5. VesperCire

    Changing inventory limit midway? (Yanfly Item Core)

    I know I can set an inventory limit with Yanfly's Item Core plugin, but is it possible to increase the inventory limit partway through the game with an item or event?
  6. VesperCire

    Help with a skill that inverses the agility stat.

    How would I make a skill that makes the fastest agility go last and the slowest agility go first?
  7. VesperCire

    Help needed with a somewhat specific skill.

    When the player uses this skill, they get infected with the Poisoned status. If they defeat any enemy (regardless of what health they're at) in two turns, they will be unpoisoned and have greatly increased Attack and Defense for the rest of the battle, but if the player fails to defeat an enemy...
  8. VesperCire

    Help with making a 'Quarantine' skill

    So my game has two skills that 'Quarantine' another actor. What I want this to do would allow the user to select any of their party members of themselves to Quarantine, the selected member will lose a turn or two, then heal all their HP and status conditions, then finally be able to battle...
  9. VesperCire

    Skill that stops the target from healing (skills or items)?

    How would I go about making a skill that prevents the target from using healing skills for a few turns, or if it's used on the player, they can't heal using skills or items for a few turns?
  10. VesperCire

    Help needed excluding items from the inventory limit (Yanfly's Item Core)

    So in my game, there's collectable items (not key items) that are obtainable through the game. What I want to do here is exclude these collectable items from being counted towards the inventory limit in Yanfly's Item Core. I already have armors, weapons and key items, so it's not an option to...
  11. VesperCire

    How to lose items and money on game over

    Not much too much to elaborate on from my title. but I'll make a few things a bit clearer. What I want is that when the player receives a game over, they will lose random items (excluding key items, armor and collectables) and a percentage of money. Is there any way to do this?
  12. VesperCire

    Help needed with tracking the total amount of items

    Basically what the title says. I'm wondering if there's a way to track the total number of items, not just the amount of a single item. If the total is over a certain number or higher, chests won't open. If possible, I'd prefer it to be tracked with a variable or in a conditional branch, but any...
  13. VesperCire

    Help needed with SRD_HudMaker

    Whenever I go into a battle scene with the plugin on, I will get this error: Does anyone know how to solve this error?
  14. VesperCire

    How to unequip weapons in an event?

    So if during an event the player has a sword equipped, and I want it to be unequipped. By unequipped I mean it gets added into his inventory, but he isn't holding it anymore. Also is there a way to do the same thing except add the weapon through an event? Thank you in advance.
  15. VesperCire

    How to addtabs?

    Let me start by saying that this might not be posted in the right section, and if it is not, then I apologize in advance. My game will have no purpose for the 'armor' tab, so I want to remove it, or title it something else. In my game you can create potions, and I would like to have a tab...
  16. VesperCire

    How to add/remove tabs?

    Let me start by saying that this might not be posted in the right section, and if it is not, then I apologize in advance. My game will have no purpose for the 'armor' tab, so I want to remove it, or title it something else. In my game you can create potions, and I would like to have a tab...
  17. VesperCire

    Vehicle Questions

    I was messing around on MV with vehicles and I made an event where the ship is on land and after you talk to it, the ship goes in the water. It works all fine until I tested if the ship would go back on land after I left, like I had put in the event. I leave the map and come back and it's still...
  18. VesperCire

    How to deposit characters (MV Mac)

    I know that the title sounds a bit weird. So if my max amount of characters that can follow you is 4 and somewhere there is a new character that you can unlock (Lets say it's a person named  Greg) So the max amount of characters in the party is 4, and if get Greg, there will be 5 in the party...
  19. VesperCire

    Good RPG Maker MV tile set questions

    So I just got RPG Maker MV on my Mac. I am planning on making a game with custom tile sets. But I need to verify on some things I haven't found in other forums. How big are the sprites in MV  How would i make a larger tile? (Example: The floating islands that are in the tile set that comes...

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