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  1. Luckysince97

    TY ...

    TY ...
  2. Luckysince97

    Hi shaz ,hope everything good at your place, listen i made a lot of turn around, i want to...

    Hi shaz ,hope everything good at your place, listen i made a lot of turn around, i want to recreate a ffx skill tree , problem is that Mz only save 1 Map id variable, got any suggestion let me know ty
  3. Luckysince97


    Im not a hacker...i dont even know js... Or maybe i Do,but dont really know how to Write IT...but im asking myself just a not code oriented question ...some PPL speak about version,standalone and plugin, Could This bug be related, to the use of 32 bit and 64 bit converted plugin, cause im...
  4. Luckysince97


    so im having that issue where nwjs make a copy of it self and take all my ram and cpu disc , and for a reason doesnt want to close, but instead create a new nwjs till my computer freeze any idea how to resolve that steam issue!
  5. Luckysince97

    RMMZ Hide party index from reserve party

    I Check couple discussion about that but none was actually telling me waht i was searching for so better ask directly, Question is simple , when i open party formation (using visustella party management plugin) i need to have party member(x) to be in party if i want to summon him in battle...
  6. Luckysince97

    RMMZ plugin request or scriptcall

    This is a really old thread and was résolve by the plugin battle systèm otb from visustella...i just Wanted to make a battle systèm similar to ffx so that the skill use would be more Time Tactics oriented..
  7. Luckysince97

    RPG Maker MZ - v1.1.1 Update

    I was wondering a thing pertaining to the page 3 ( change tileset ) if that was intended or if it an error, because if i remember corectly under Mv it was change image and not tileset, so is there a pacth coming pertaining to that issue, i don't really see why it was change to tileset. or maybe...
  8. Luckysince97

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Hi Yanfly i was wondering, if it would be possible to implant the AP and SP to SkillsStatecore so that it default, as it may be awesome for javascript ppl who understand, i don't see the way to make it work with AP or SP so that AP become a cost to use <AP Cost: x> or <SP Cost: x>Ty... Nice...
  9. Luckysince97

    mouse rigth and left trigger

    So as i dont really know where to post this since is a technical question pertaining to the default platform, i was asking myself if someone knew if the right mouse trigger and left mouse trigger were bind to a keyboard key, and if the anwser is yes which were they... so that i could make my...
  10. Luckysince97

    AP System

    How to say the opposite $;
  11. Luckysince97

    RMMZ condition branch / battle start

    ty @Andar but i was trying to count mob killed, and thougth of an old thread about giving item drop as hidden key item, so i technically found a solution, but was just wondering if they improve Mz in that sence like they did for xyz player position...that was a great addition, but in the end i...
  12. Luckysince97

    RMMZ condition branch / battle start

    is there a way to have a condition branch that check if battle has started, in a parallels common event
  13. Luckysince97

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    sry , but i try to report myself and it was saying i could not because of the thread so...but ill try to do my best ty
  14. Luckysince97

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    ok so i found the solution, dont touch the scene manager line and just change commonEvent to 3 since it the id, so you can have as much button you want, as long as the first line (symbol is pertaining to your common event id number)
  15. Luckysince97

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Hi @VisuStella i was wondering if somebody could help me out with the main menu core i created a custom menu where i get a 3custom option which i name profession my problem is when i want to run common event im aint sure how or what run what, like here on this example at symbol line it...
  16. Luckysince97

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    ok so after couple other test the line 4 seem to affect all other limit so i was asking myself if if(!actor.hpLevel)actor.hpLevel=0 this line had to be change to if(! actor.mpLevel++; if(actor.mpLevel!=20) actor.forgetSkill(301) and so on for each param if...
  17. Luckysince97

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    well after lot of test i came up with what i wanted , erase the line 2 because i didnt wnat to geive 450 after level 10 but i gotta say i got hp+50 hp+100 hp+ 150 and hp+250 now i set limit to lvl 100 because i only needed a limit of use, and that great but my biggest problem was to make the...
  18. Luckysince97

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    @Maliki79 even better:ewat: big big ty now i can spilt it in 4 layer if below 25 if below 50 if below 75 and if below 100 , but the use of 100 aint sure yet im gonna have to calculate so that evrything doesnt pass the given limit, dont worrry illl just adapt the code , i can read the code but i...
  19. Luckysince97

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    i was wondering if i could use swicth with that @Maliki79 , you see i use param [0] method from knigthmare and as leveling by 5 hp only i create 160 variable of 8 basic param for 5 dif character, but i would like to give my character a point of no return... if he is level 10 he is learning hp+...
  20. Luckysince97

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    :XP1:Ty guy i was turning in round trying to build a skill tree with double teleport , but you @Knightmare @Maliki79 and @Fomar0153 just made what i got in mind happen, so to resume i use maliki, eval with some line of knigthmare and now not only i got an stat system working , but i can decide...

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