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  1. Ambianum

    Responsive GameCanvas

    It’s in a webview
  2. Ambianum

    Responsive GameCanvas

    Always the same :-(
  3. Ambianum

    Responsive GameCanvas

    Landscape mode… but no matter. I want to scalpe the Canvas height for 100% or thé screen height (under the home indicator)
  4. Ambianum

    Responsive GameCanvas

    Thx… I’ve already tryed ! It don’t work :-/
  5. Ambianum

    Responsive GameCanvas

    It don't work, I try to scale the canvas under the homme indicator like this : It work when I use height:100vh !important; But it bug with a touch gap... It don't work with classic code, with stretch mode etc...
  6. Ambianum

    Responsive GameCanvas

    Hi :-) I try to transform my game in HTML5 responsive version "fullscreen" but I've a problem... When I try with this HTML : <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes"> <meta...
  7. Ambianum

    Problem with mobile exportation (exitPointerLock)

    Hi all ;-) I have a problem with my game exportation when I use it with iOS in safari... It works with a good FPS... but when I want to teleport the hero in another map... Hum... Tricky ! An idea ? Thx :cool:
  8. Ambianum

    RMMV MV3D: use light and ambient at start

    OK Thanx for your idea ! I have the solution directly in the plugin ! :-)
  9. Ambianum

    RMMV MV3D: use light and ambient at start

    :) hello ! I need your help with this plugin ! I want to use lights and ambient directly when my game launchs ! Today I use parallel event but at start we can see the transition… and I need no transition ! ;-) can you help me ?
  10. Ambianum

    Slightly balding Hair

    Hi, this is for you creators ;-) This is a generator part...

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