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  1. Guide to simple tileset edits [Rearranging, clumping and recoloring]

    You know, i never knew you could turn on the grid in gimp to custom set H/W settings...
  2. Innovative Idea, but need lot's of assistance.

    I've started up a new game using VX Ace, and I've actually given making games with this engine a few shots...I've finally figured out how a few things work but I really need some assistance with what's coming up next. I plan on making a game, based around music, however turn based... and I don't...

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So the concept for my Game Jam project is way more than I can complete before the deadline. But I think I found a way to get the core done and make the incomplete parts either not really noticeable or make them a part of the story for now. That sneaky, dastardly Krampus! Then I can complete the rest. Did I mention that this is fun?
I've been working on a game called "Eternal Sunset". Is there anywhere here i can "show it off" maybe? Wondering what others think.
What do you do when there are lots of offers online but you don't have even a slight chance of ever playing those myriads of games?
Ugh, mispelled my username.

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