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  1. Jeivalien

    Help with skill with condition and multiple results.

    That's real close, but without any brackets it won't work. @Gargoyle77 The ternary operation won't do it for you because the semicolon is used to identify the end of the operation and you can't execute multiple lines of code without it (and you're asking too much for the poor operator). Try...
  2. Jeivalien

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Hey Turan, Well, its not always going to be 3, the final multiplier could be anything, 3.14, 1.288, etc. I was planning on using small numbers, therefore the round down. Do you think I should avoid rounding?
  3. Jeivalien

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Thanks Naosox, I figured it out. You do use Pre-Damage but when using HP recover as the damage type "value" returns a negative number. So using value >= 0 as a flag was a bad move, I think it's better to use this.isHpEffect().
  4. Jeivalien

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Hi, I'm trying to make a passive state that ampliflies the power of the first TP skill you use in battle and then removes itself(it refreshes after each encounter, hence the Switch Condition). I have the following in my state's notebox: <Passive Condition Switch ON: 23> <JS Pre-Damage As User>...
  5. Jeivalien

    Making battles unique?

    I don't think it’s the Default Battle System that encourages button mashing, it’s about the encounters and mechanics, any battle system no matter how pretty it is can become a button mash fest if there is no depth in enemy variety and player tools. You can try to do something like FFX and Paper...
  6. Jeivalien

    Removing State when hit by certain element 100% of the time.

    Hi Spak, I just tested this extract and it worked, maybe give it a try? <JS Post-Damage As Target> const fire = 2; if (this.item().damage.elementId === fire) { target.removeState(; } </JS Post-Damage As Target>
  7. Jeivalien

    RMMV Manafinder - A tale about survival featuring all original pixel art and music! [Released!]

    I just finished playing the demo and its looking really good. I just wishlisted on steam! looking forward for the full release.
  8. Jeivalien

    I bought the Kid generator and need some help.

    You need to copy the DLC files to the Generator folder where you installed the engine(you'll see the folders Face, SV, TV, etc there). If you have it on steam that would be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV\Generator Generator parts are not related to a project so...
  9. Jeivalien

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #4: Event List, System Tab Options, New UI, Release Date & Price!

    This is nice for minimalist rpg games, now we just need the options to disable M. Attack, M. Defense, Luck, etc from the menus without having to go thru the windows and scenes scripts :D
  10. Jeivalien

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hi Johnny, let me help you with that real quick, I believe you're looking for something like this c: <Custom Apply Effect> target.setStateCounter(stateId, iceSpikes); </Custom Apply Effect> <Custom React Effect> if (value > 0 && this.isPhysical()) { var min = Math.round(a.atk * 1.2); var...
  11. Jeivalien

    Eternal Twilight

    Luna had a Green Willow Bow of Flame II +20 ATK + 30AGI +43POW Damien had a Green Willow Staff of Death +16MAT + 19SPI +24POW Trish had a Blue Willow Mallet of Death +27MAT +22SPI +37POW Ryudo had a Blue Darkened Sword of Flame II +35ATK +22AGI +48POW (Sorry if it seems like I'm yelling, but...
  12. Jeivalien

    Eternal Twilight

    @Fernyfer775 Here are the stats of my chars for the fight: I don't use the normal attack at all, I almost never run out of MP thanks to Trish Aqua stance. I use hunters mark+wyvern strike2 a lot. Healing spell + Smite2, holy flare on a pinch. Trish keeps the DoT going and replenish MP everytime...
  13. Jeivalien

    Eternal Twilight

    Hi, I've been following this game like, forever (seriously!). I remember playing a demo version of this game a while ago, and absolutely loved it, the characters felt real, the story seemed to be headed into an interesting direction, the mapping was rock solid, I was enjoing it a whole lot. The...
  14. Jeivalien

    Inventory Limitations

    Thank you so much! This is exactly was I was looking for! :)
  15. Jeivalien

    skill targeting exact or less number of enemy/enemies without repeating

    I believe you're lookin for this: Indeed, to use this skill you'll need Yanfly's Target Core and Damage Core plugins. Paste this on your skills notebox. Set the scope to all enemies. <Custom Target Eval> targets.push(target); var members = foes.aliveMembers()...
  16. Jeivalien

    Icon on enemy name (Compatible with Yanfly's hp visible gauge)

    Hello, after experimenting a lot with elements on battle and trying to make them fun to work with, I've had the idea to give all enemies one elemental affinity, and since I dont want the players to memorize the elements on every single enemy (or check repeatedly using a scan skill), I wanted...
  17. Jeivalien

    Need help creating a skill that attacks an enemy then heals the weakest ally

    Hey sweet idea! Will this work for you? This skill restores 50% of the damage done to the party member with the least HP (not the one with the lowest, but the one that has lost the most). Paste this on the notebox of your skill. Set the scope to 1 enemy and leave the default damage formula...
  18. Jeivalien

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    @HumanNinjaToo Altough I'm not a big fan of large statements using the "?" operator, I admire the logic used to solve this. The problem you have is that this operator can't execute two different lines on it's own, this part: b.addState(10); a.atk * 6 - b.def * 2 It's the troubling one. You need...
  19. Jeivalien

    RMMV Battlefantasy

    First try: Sorcerer on stage 4 silenced my mages, automaton killed with a critical. Then, the dude with the counterattack skill murdered my party ):
  20. Jeivalien

    RMMV Titans of Illumia (15+hrs Non-Linear RPG)

    Hey Hopeless, sorry I stopped playing after I rage quited while trying to win the battle against the fire titan. That battle is ruthless :eswt: The dragon is by far the toughest enemy I faced. Any tips on how to deal with it? I literally have all the max physical defense I could find and the...

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