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  1. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMZ Change visustella Quest Tracker to left side of screen

    Using: It adds the option IN GAME to change it, but I want the default for it to appear on the left side of the screen not the right. Not letting player use options, so it needs to just be there, period. But nothing I edit or change...
  2. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMZ taking several minutes to load map

    I make a 256x256 map. Zero events. Only filled the basic path using top of wall tile. Takes several minutes to load. Do not have this issue even with a bunch of events on rmxp and rmmv. Anyone know what could cause this? No pictures or parallaxing. Can't imagine something this small with...
  3. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMZ Visustella edit needed for limited 'attack'

    I'm not sure if one would need to actually edit the plugins or simply create a small patch that forces it to apply to anything designated a basic attack. The reason I am using weapon unleash is because it let's me change the basic attack skill. For example, with multi weapons all of them would...
  4. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMZ Visustella edit needed for limited 'attack'

    Right now I am using these three plugins: I am using weapon swap to let my character use varying guns during combat...
  5. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMZ Confused on how to change some things for VisuStella Message Core

    Having trouble finding any settings that actually change some things for my messages. I want to: 1) Have a different font size for the name of the person talking 2) have a permanent change to font size for text in the message box only 3) Push the start of the text box up without affecting where...
  6. ZankokuNoYami

    MultiTweaks: general, map, zoom, battle, enemies, audio, options, efficiency, etc.

    When I use this to have my game zoomed in, it makes my UI transparent. Help? Using VisuMZ FrontviewBattleUI. When not zoomed in, all is fine.
  7. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMZ Need a plugin that lets me limit attacks by ammo + reload

    I am using Visustella's Weapon Swap System: And what I want to accomplish this thus: You can equip a melee weapon and one of each type of gun (Pistol, Assault, Rifle, Shotgun). Each weapon uses ammo to attack. No ammo = no attack...
  8. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Is there a plugin that will give random stats on an x to y scale?

    Awesome! So... would that apply to all stats, or is that 2 in the formula specifically calling out the attack stat? At work, so I couldnt test it, but figured i should ask in advance haha. Thank you kindly!
  9. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Is there a plugin that will give random stats on an x to y scale?

    I am confused on how to type that out. Could you give me an example?
  10. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Is there a plugin that will give random stats on an x to y scale?

    But the variance effects all base stats the same, rather smaller variances for some stats and higher for others. Like I want to set a variance of up to 3 on Def and up to 2 on agi and it doesn't normally get magic Def but you have a chance of gaining up to 1. This is why I was trying to find a...
  11. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Is there a plugin that will give random stats on an x to y scale?

    Random variance, at least from what I have messed with, doesn't seem to do quite what I am talking about. At least I haven't found a way to make it control specific stats by certain margins. It is random purely instead of me setting a chance of x to y per stat.
  12. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Is there a plugin that will give random stats on an x to y scale?

    I don't see that quite working. You are expected to constantly craft. The bonus outside cashing in extras is rolling for better stats. I just want a plugin that let's me set in the notes: Def: +1 to +3 Agi: +1 to +3 Something like that. So while you will always get a Fur Helm with 2 Def and 1...
  13. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Is there a plugin that will give random stats on an x to y scale?

    Basically, I am looking to be able to fo the following: Using yanflys item core, every piece of armor is unique. As in, everytime you craft something, you get a variance in the stats. You can craft the perfect version or thr worst. Say you craft a fur Helm Base stats: 2 def 1 agi But when...
  14. ZankokuNoYami

    Can't get to dev tools anymore (F8)

    Until recently all has been fine. But even opening new projects, I can't seem to open my dev tools. Wouldn't be a windows 11 issue would it? Need help because I cant get the proper error codes over to my programmer and he isn't having the same error on his side. Making it difficult to really...
  15. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Addition to Mog Hunter's Map Name Hub

    Attached is the Plugin (Mog hunter's map name hud) since he took down a lot of his stuff and I couldnt find a link. NOW! I feel this is probably a simple request, as it will probably just be a repeat in code with some new variable names. Basically, this plugin lets you have a single circle...
  16. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Looking for a plugin that changes a spell into another spell

    Basically I am trying to find out if there are any plugins that change a spell into a different spell when under a specific state or trigger. For example, if you have a spell called Gust and you activate Agility, that spell is replaced with Spiral Gust. Not looking for something that...
  17. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Mistia - The Kingdom of Krasten

    Damn! I once contacted him because I really loved his maps and was wondering if he wanted to make some cash by commissioning some maps for me. Too busy on his name nnaturally, but dude had talent in design.
  18. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Qmap + QEditor help

    I am trying to make parallax maps using QMap because I am using much taller sprites. This means I need to be able to avoid clipping when walking in front and behind objects. But I cannot seem to get this to work. You can...
  19. ZankokuNoYami

    RMMV Larger animation files

    I never noticed this got a reply XD And of COURSE it's Sigma in with the win, I swear when it comes to obscure plugins i sometimes should just hit you up hahaha! Thanks!!

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