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  1. Theolized Sideview Battle System

    It gives me an undefined error for "break_action". Are you using the 1.4 version? I've been using 1.3 since ya' said it's more stable. In that version, there is no mention of the break_action call nor am I sure whether it's important or not. And yes, I stick with Ace because I don't want to...
  2. Theolized Sideview Battle System

    Essentially, I want to have a counterattack determination occur after the attack is processed but before the target's data is cleared. It would likely proc after the last target is hit, as I don't plan to have multiple-target moves be counter-able anyway. It would go like this: Determine if...
  3. Theolized Sideview Battle System

    Is it possible to temporarily interrupt an attack sequence for a counterattack but have said attack sequence resume after the counterattack is finished? Basically, I'm trying to make it more risky to use melee skills because there's a chance that you'll be struck after attacking the opponent...
  4. Getting MCI Audio Player script to work?

    I forgot about that. 'Been a while. Now I want to be able to edit the title and put [ACE] at the beginning.
  5. Getting MCI Audio Player script to work?

    Hello. I'm trying to use the MCI Audio Player script by ForeverZer0 at but I can't seem to get it to play audio files, and he's no longer offering support for his scripts. I've looked at some posts on the web about it, but either find...
  6. [ACE] Creating and returning skill notetag array data?

    Sorry, I just quoted my own notetag wrong, hehe. In my test, I did spell it 'effects' and not 'effect'. But even when spelled correctly, it doesn't work for me.
  7. [ACE] Creating and returning skill notetag array data?

    I tried pasting that script tidbit and then putting  <secondary effect: [[1,2], [2,1]]> in the basic attack's notebox and made the damage formula  puts "#{a.current_action.secondary_effects}"; 10 to test it out, but it just made the damage nil out, saying it dealt no damage and...
  8. [ACE] Creating and returning skill notetag array data?

    So, I have managed to use text from skill notetags as data before (see below), using examples from scriptors. But this data has always been based on numerical digits and not arrays, and I'm not really experienced with or can comprehend enough of Regexp processes to figure this out myself...
  9. [ACE] (Yanfly) Making enemy HP bars visible only if offending actor has certain state? So, no where in this script does it reference the subject that's targetting an enemy, and while it may sound a bit arbitrary, I'd like to have it so that when targetting or damaging an enemy or enemies...
  10. RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    That is alright. I can try and fix things. I must ask: Enemies, with this script, are their actions decided mid-turn like the way actors get to, or are their actions decided at the start of the round before it is their turn to act? 
  11. RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    I tried it with your script being fresh and on a fresh project with just Yanfly Core, Yanfly Battle, Command Manager, and then your script. I would have the state (I used state to for this test) added at the start of battle but it would only apply once the battler used an action. I also...
  12. RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    Yup. You fixed it. However, I ran into another problem. So, I made it so that defaultly, a battler has 5 base AP, and 7 possible max AP (aka MAX_AP_MULTI of 1.4). Normally, "standard" actions take up 3 points, "minor" actions take up 2 points, and "full" actions take up 5 points. So...
  13. RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    I'm an amateur when it comes to all that, but I suppose I could look. You see, I want to make it like tabletops/Dungeons and Dragons. Turn order is based on relative Initiatives, which is based on one's speed stat plus a random number between 1 and 20 rolled only at the beginning of...
  14. RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    I just mean that beyond the state turns, the idea is that if the enemy troop gave my party paralysis, they should get a chance to gang up on the party, but with this script, they will just wait around until a party member is able to act, if none have been able to act within the turn. The idea is...
  15. RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    The thing is though, paralysis only lasts 4-6 rounds, yet with this, the turns skip infinitely without the single actor ever getting out of paralysis. It just looks like  NEWTURN NEWTURN NEWTURN NEWTURN over and over Yet this script doesn't change how increase_turn works nor does it...
  16. RogueDeus - AP Combat System (A Yanfly Plugin)

    You said that a turn is complete when all battlers have acted. So, to test to see what would happen if a battler was forced not to act, I gave the only participating actor paralysis. On the first turn, the enemies acted without the actor like expected, but then after the turn ended, the battle...
  17. What is your reaction to MV?

    I was just like "Huh." I still have Windows XP. The only vanilla features I care for is better processing speeds, higher resolution, and the event search system. All else can and has been replicated with scripts on Ace, including the database limit and mouse system. The sidebattle and...
  18. [ACE] (Yanfly Field States) Calling a field state with a script call instead of just a skill?

    Not to necropost, but the error was that the call should've been SceneManager.scene.status_window.refreshand not  Scene_manager.scene.status_window.refreshreally simple mistake now that I look back on it.
  19. [ACE] Getting Stacking States to work with Field States installed?

    Well in the link provided, it does say >> x = [1,2,3]>> y = [3,4,5]>> x |= y>> x=> [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]As you can see, 3 is included twice and is weeded out in the end result. So, it would lead me to believe that this part of the script removes combines the already applied states and the states...

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