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  1. Galv's Character Frames MZ & CF Step SE

    i got it to work fine by separating idle,walk,run but if I put all three together it shows up with three characters at the same time I have tried to name it like so name%(8) show up half the body !name%(8) show up half the body $name%(8) show up three at once !$name%(8) show up three once by...
  2. RPG Maker MZ 1.5.0 Patch Notes

    Rpg Maker MZ not even close to that type of version as it's only 1.5.0 the one you talking about from a different website is mostly is a scam or virus or something and the only Rpg Maker is 1.6.1 is Rpg Maker MV
  3. ETA when Random Crash Bug will be fixed

    I think he is talking about the same experience that I have reported here about adding images my last post: just make sure you save a lot and try not add too many images/audio after another there is a lot of member can't tell you when there's going to be a fix or a update we just have to wait...
  4. Galv's Prize Wheel

    It works fine in mz but now I'm trying to make it with common events I have added this line but it only shows the title of the common event I know that I'm missing something I just don't understand javascript that well yet case 'e': var id = string.slice(1); return...
  5. Galv's Prize Wheel

    are you planning to recreate this for Rpg Maker MZ?
  6. water depth tile

    this is what gotten I'm good at this stuff
  7. water depth tile

    what I want is to add depth to the water in Outside_A1 by using Outside_A5 I just don't know how to do it myself
  8. taking a screenshot for parallaxes mapping

    I got it working right thanks I have used Cyclone Map Editor to get the proper map size and everything fits in place this post can be locked if a staff member want to
  9. taking a screenshot for parallaxes mapping

    got it when I hover over the image and in photoshop
  10. taking a screenshot for parallaxes mapping

    I have a map that's 127x75 equals to 3048x1800 but when I use it nothing is in the right place I had upscale the image to 6200x3600 to get them in the right place but with a smaller map like 25x13 equals to 1200x624 everything is in the right spot I'm using Galv's Layer Graphics MZ plugin...
  11. Galv's Layer Graphics MZ

    I am having the same problem but I thinks it not the plugin fault it's mz fault my map is 127 x 75 when taking a screenshot of it. it should be about 6200x3600 but when taking screenshot in mz it's 3048x1800 I think mz have size limit on the screenshot is width of 3048 height ??? Edit: strange...
  12. Difficulty with custom tilesets

    just as I said look for yourself open one in gimp or photoshop that from mz only A1,A2,A3,A4,A5 are totally different sizes here is your image watch this video it might help you to understand
  13. Difficulty with custom tilesets

    my first response was for tile b,c,d,e but A is different from 1 to 5 just hover over the files and should tell you what size they are that because it's not 48X48 and this is a 48x48 inside A5
  14. Difficulty with custom tilesets

    MZ dimensions are W.768 X H.768 = 48X48 ace dimensions are W.512 X H.512 = 32X32 so if you are bring tilesets from ace or other rpg maker besides mv you need to upscale them from W.512 X H.512 to W.768 X H.768 so what tilesets are you using and what is the rpg maker version tileset are for...
  15. Pixel Perfect & Game Window Resolution Problem

    it's not a bug or anything like that if you change the resolution then you have to edit every tileset for that resolution tilesets will not automatically change when you change the resolution
  16. Character walking through walls (but only a certain edge)

    in the the title set options setup with O/X/* like so then select the third or fourth layer to see if the walls are see through then pick the O/X/* and place it between those two spots just before it hits the ground
  17. Make a game only with dialogues

    I would suggest that you use renpy for that type of game but it can be done in rpg as well first you need variable and switches second need one map for every thing you don't need to put anything on the map just a lot of events for the events set them up has auto third learn more about rpg and...
  18. N_WeatherFog

    is there a way to make this a random event like for morning afternoon evenings night also from day SMTWTFS?
  19. defaults tileset

    okay I didn't made those they show up in the swamp map when you load a sample map if you remove the castle buildings and they show up

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