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  1. Corrupt_Directory

    RMMV Overworld Battle Plugin?

    Yeah this is what I'm looking for, guess I'll just have to wait for now but thanks for this!
  2. Corrupt_Directory

    RMMV Overworld Battle Plugin?

    Thank you for the list but I don't think it has what I'm looking for (unless I missed it). Basically what I was looking for was something like this, but for the MV engine So pretty much an Over world real time...
  3. Corrupt_Directory

    RMMV Overworld Battle Plugin?

    So pretty much I was just curious if there was any plugins for this kind of thing for MV, as I see that Ace has a few and was really just curious. I'm not so much asking for this plugin to be made but just exploring options.
  4. Corrupt_Directory

    Fry... Is that you!?

    Fry... Is that you!?
  5. Corrupt_Directory

    Thoughts for a possible series?

    I would imagine a good fix for this would be what Mass Effect did where they had a DLC where instead of playing ME1 (if you didn't own it) or going with the default scenario, the player could re choose the path they had made for their character through a sort of comic book cut scene. Here is...
  6. Corrupt_Directory

    Judgement Cast

    Okay well I can see you got the world background info done, that always helps! But I guess the first issue that sprang into my mind is how you would give this information to the player of the game, I am just starting my first project soon so I have the same issue but at a smaller scale...
  7. Corrupt_Directory

    Questions about the timer variable

    Huh, Didn't think of that kind of thing, thank you so much for linking me that!
  8. Corrupt_Directory

    Change Item Name Mid-Game with Player Input

    Okay so I had a quick play around and you should be able to achieve this by using \*\n[actornumber]\n as the item name. This will also mean that if you use the CHANGE NAME event under the ACTOR options in the event window, which should be able to alter the name of the item as well. Also quick...
  9. Corrupt_Directory

    Custom Game Over behavior

    nice, I might consider this in a potential project!
  10. Corrupt_Directory

    Questions about the timer variable

    Hey there So pretty much this is more just a bit of research for potential ideas but basically the two questions I have are this: 1 - How do you hide the timer from the player & if there is a way for an event to say how much time is currently left? 2 - Is there a way to increase the timer...
  11. Corrupt_Directory

    I Object!?

    The first RPG Maker game I have played made by someone else and it was a pretty fun experience playing this game. And even though you had a short story it great moments of humor with the characters, as well as hair pulling frustration such as the library puzzle which gave me just as much of a...
  12. Corrupt_Directory

    Custom name for enemies issue

    Oh my god thank you! It is working now.
  13. Corrupt_Directory

    Custom name for enemies issue

    Sorry I'm so used to steam's forum set up.
  14. Corrupt_Directory

    Custom name for enemies issue

    Hey there So pretty much I am trying to give your rival a custom name that will also show up in battle, I use \N[0005] to make sure the game is able to have a custom name for this enemy and it shows up fine in the text boxes, but when you select an enemy to attack on the battle screen the name...
  15. Corrupt_Directory

    Making more animation frames?

    Thanks for that and I found that plugin!
  16. Corrupt_Directory

    Making more animation frames?

    Okay so I did try to look into this myself but I notice there is mostly code/script for VX ace and what I just needed to know is if I can use that same code/script in MV or is there some other ho-hah I need to do to get more frames in walk animations? If there is any sites that have the...

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