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  1. Feuergeist

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    The world map looks good and differs enough from the sample map. The size also fits, often the maps are created much too oversized and accordingly there is too much idle time. Can you already estimate the approximate playtime? I'm already curious about the fishing spot in the middle of the big...
  2. Feuergeist

    RMMV Forest Life - A Fishing / Life-Sim (COMPLETE)

    No matter what they all say, but the world needs more fantasy fishing games (simulations abound...)! :cool: I'm not a fan of anthropomorphized animals, but this was clearly made with a lot of love :wub and looks fantastic in every way. Great work so far, wish you much success with the final...
  3. Feuergeist

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    Probably the prejudices against RTP graphics also play a role... No matter. Once the game is out, people will enjoy it. The idea of integrating fish into an RPG about fishing as a central part of the combat system is actually very obvious, but never occurred to myself. :LZYhuh: My idea was a...
  4. Feuergeist

    RMVXA Goliacanth- A Fishing RPG

    Looks great! Especially the fish pictures look iconic and awaken the collector's instinct. Too bad there's so little interest in it, but probably all it really needs is a demo. I'm already very excited about it and wish you lots of motivation to complete it! Ever since I played Legend of the...
  5. Feuergeist

    RMMV battle menu - thick outline gauges (HP & MP)

    I hope this is not judged as spam, but decency must be: Thank you so much for your support & efforts! :smile:
  6. Feuergeist

    RMMV battle menu - thick outline gauges (HP & MP)

    It would be cool if the displays in battle were the same (uniform style). I don't find the display in the status menu that important.
  7. Feuergeist

    RMMV Attack skill description not showing

    Hello all, hopefully it's not against forum rules to bring up such an old thread, but this is exactly what I'm looking for: The skill info window should appear on the "attack command" in battle when using YanflyWeaponUnleash to change the default attack. I'm surprised that Yanfly didn't think...
  8. Feuergeist

    RMMV battle menu - thick outline gauges (HP & MP)

    I have now turned off all possible plugins, nothing helped. I have underestimated the whole thing, thought that could be solved with a little copy & paste. The thing is just an insignificant detail, please don't make a big effort about it.
  9. Feuergeist

    RMMV battle menu - thick outline gauges (HP & MP)

    Goedeavond ShadowDragon, thank you for your reply. Yes, battleCore is installed and I also double checked the order of the plugins. Increasing the battle gauge height did not help either, unfortunately. So far the following plugins are installed: It seems that the "Use Thick Gauges"...
  10. Feuergeist

    RMMV battle menu - thick outline gauges (HP & MP)

    Hello dear people, In Yanfly's "YEP_X-VisualHpGauge" there is an option to set the outline thickness of the HP gauge under the enemy HP gauge. This works wonderfully, however the option to do the same for the HP gauge in the battle menu below is missing, although there are other options for the...

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