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  1. blackdove96

    The Resource WIP Thread 3

    Hello, I'm just a newbie so please have mercy on me :) This is a character that I'm working on (Nemesis from Resident Evil 3). Would appreciate hearing your thoughts.:D
  2. blackdove96

    RMVX Resident Evil 1.5 Z (Demo)

    Plant 42 (took me 2 days to make this one)
  3. blackdove96

    RMVX Resident Evil 1.5 Z (Demo)

    Some new characters (Sorry for the quality because I'm suck at drawing) Midorikawa Shigeru (I took inspiration from Rick Grimes of TWD to create him :)) Midorikawa Seina Wataru Takagi Sakurai Sakuya "Albert"
  4. blackdove96

    RMVX Resident Evil 1.5 Z (Demo)

    Tks, have you reached the end of the demo yet? Since I enjoyed watching "Walking Dead" alot, I planned to add some "drama" to the plot, such as Kenji's (kinda) tragic backstory or something. Would like to hear your thoughts :)
  5. blackdove96

    RMVX Resident Evil 1.5 Z (Demo)

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm trying to make the police station looks more like the unreleased 1.5 one (which isn't a former museum like the official one) As for Nemesis, I really want to add some more tension to the gameplay which involved making some kind of persistent enemies to chase the...
  6. blackdove96

    RMVX Resident Evil 1.5 Z (Demo)

    THIS IS ONLY A NON-PROFIT FANGAME. THE RESIDENT EVIL FRANCHISE BELONGS TO CAPCOM. 1.About A "Reimagining" of Capcom's well-known survivor horror videogame series, mix with some 80s... This is a short demo I've made years ago in VX. I've never managed to continue working on it due to having...
  7. blackdove96

    Translating a Japanese game, how to rename its resource file names from Japanese?

    Hi there, I'm translating a Japanese game, unfortunately it is created with rpg maker vx (not ace) and I know that unlike ACE, the original rpg maker vx isn't supported so well here. The problem is the files used as resources of this game, which have their names contain japanese letters, so...

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