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  1. jigida70

    So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    I think this thread has value to the RPG Maker community at large. If it keeps one person from spending the hundred dollars on the awful asset, then it's job has been done.
  2. jigida70

    So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    *Edit--I did find a workaround for easy parallax mapping. Unite keeps frustrating me more and more. I decided to try to use the advantages of Unity to create a parallax map. I went into a scene view in a running game to find where the prefabs would be kept. In my mind, when you create a...
  3. jigida70

    So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    The fact that they aren't even going to be paying attention to the forums is worrisome. They should be all over there, answering questions, and trying to instill confidence in users that they are going to improve it. So far, there are so many annoying little bugs, and unintuitive things with the...
  4. jigida70

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm not too happy about the well myself. When I redo this map, I'm going to export it as an fbx from Unity, then render it in Daz so I can get a better angle on it and get the shadows. The main thing though, is the angle. I did all ground renders at an 85 degree...
  5. jigida70

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Since RPG Maker Unite isn't probably coming soon, I decided to try to use Unity for map creation. All ground layers were rendered using HDRP in Unity (I used Gimp and Photoshop to make changes. The cobblestone was actually high def rocks that I used a Mosaic filter on). Other assets, including...
  6. jigida70

    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    Thank you. When RM Unite comes out, I plan on waiting just a bit to see exactly what it does. I've gotten burnt on some pretty expensive assets in Unity that don't play well with other assets. The Database of RM is extremely user friendly, and I'd love to be able to use it to play around in VR...
  7. jigida70

    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    Edit: I decided to play around a little more. I think I'm really liking this plugin. Here are a couple of maps, and a couple of cutscenes I threw together. I'm really digging the potential this plugin has for my project. I've spent the last few months learning how to make VR apps in Unity, and...
  8. jigida70

    So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    Thank you
  9. jigida70

    So, uh, what's this RPG Maker Unite thing?

    Where can I see the Devlogs for Unite? I'm really only interested in using the database and event system, and then integrating those into other Unity assets. I'm working on an AR/VR RPG, and the RPG Maker backend would be really helpful. I would love to be able to trigger Unity events from the...
  10. jigida70

    With the upcoming release of RPG Maker Unite, can we use RTP on Unity projects?

    It will be interesting to see how the licensing will work exactly. All I really want from RPG Maker Unite, is access to the database and the event system. If I can trigger a Unity event from a RPG Maker Unite event page, and use info from the database to manipulate other Unity assets, I'll end...
  11. jigida70

    What makes an antagonist interesting?

    You have to feel like the villain exists outside of the view of the player. Creating backstory, and actually getting to know the villain is important to writing a great antagonist. Find some way you empathize with them, but at the same time, make sure that you would have chosen a different path.
  12. jigida70

    What do you want to see in RPG Maker Unite?

    I'm hoping it will be usable with other assets easily. I've been working in Unity and I've tried to find an RPG asset as intuitive as RPG Maker, and there isn't one. Being able to use the database alone would be enough for me. I'm really interested in seeing if I can make it work in VR. As long...
  13. jigida70

    Having fun with RPG Maker, Unity, and Daz Studio

    I've been playing around with Unity, learning how to develop in VR (once you know what you're doing, it's not much different than developing in regular 3D). Decided to take some of the Unity animations (from Mixamo), export them as WebM, and use them in RPG Maker for battler animations.
  14. jigida70

    RMMV Dating Sim (Replacing Battles with Interactions)

    Thank you. I had already done your first suggestion, I just didn't have it set up right. I got that fixed. Thank you. I have been searching for a plugin that skips a key press for all targets, I just must not be using the correct search terms, because I've come up with nothing.
  15. jigida70

    RMMV Dating Sim (Replacing Battles with Interactions)

    I've been working on a prototype for a Dating Sim. I'm using the battle system for what I call interactions. For the prototype, the battle/interaction is Eve (the roommate you're trying to have a relationship with), says she has something to show you on her phone. You sit down next to her. From...
  16. jigida70

    Set Max HP at Constant 1000 (Solved)

    (Of course I figured it out right after posting this. I just set the level 1 at 1000, and the level 99 at 1000, which made every level have a max HP at 1000). I'm trying to figure out how to have an actor's Max HP at a constant 1000. I'm working on a prototype where there isn't death, but a...
  17. jigida70

    RMMV Galv Extra Frames Plugin-- Browser Play Problems

    I zipped the entire game folder after deployment. The www folder is inside that folder, and all the game files and index are inside the www file folder.
  18. jigida70

    RMMV Galv Extra Frames Plugin-- Browser Play Problems

    I did try it without encryption and it still gave me the same message. As far as which folder, I zipped the entire folder after the deployment, and uploaded the whole zip file.
  19. jigida70

    RMMV Galv Extra Frames Plugin-- Browser Play Problems

    Galv's Extra Character Frames plugin requires a % in the filename to work. When I try to upload my prototype to for web browser, I get this error " is This/www/img/characters/!$Alion%(12).rpgmvp": invalid URL escape "%(1" Does anyone...

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