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  1. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    I'll take a few screenshots when I get on PC :D
  2. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    This tutorial is about making RM's autotiles compatible with Tiled. I did not delve into the workings of Tiled as to not make this tutorial unnecessarily cluttered. I advise you to read up about the basics of Tiled to get everything working correctly (it's pretty straightforward Dont' worry)...
  3. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Hello! I'm on my phone, so I haven't tried it. But I did download the software and there seems to be a PDF and an .exe bundled in a zip file, I think you downloaded the source code. Download the first file...
  4. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Could you send me the autotiles you tried it with? Maybe I can help you with it ^-^ Thank you XD Oh I didn't merely resize them, I edited em out! Maybe that's where you went wrong?
  5. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Theorically, you could modify the autotiles to make them 48x48px and then use 48x48 maps. It shouldn't be too difficult, it will basically look like RMXP autotiles, I tried something as an example (32x32): Instead of (16x16): Just tested it in Tiled, works perfectly! Terrain Tool: In Tiled:
  6. Deldel

    Dels ressources -UPDATE 07/28

    Hello! Quick update, more of a showcase than a freebie really. Although I don't mind sharing the spritesheet if someone wants it, but who would? XD So this is my first try at trying to make an 8 frame walking sprite from scratch. I think it's a failed attempt, but It allowed be to learn a lot...
  7. Deldel

    How can I create my characters?

    You have to create the character in the Database> Characters, then assign to it the expressions you created. It's rather well explained here:
  8. Deldel

    Dels ressources -UPDATE 07/28

    Hello! It's been awhile! I've recently gotten back to art, and made some plants for this Tileset. Hope you like them! If you can think of something specefic for me to add to this tileset, don't hesitate to ask! :D Also, I made some animated Doodas that goes with this color scheme :) Next, I...
  9. Deldel

    Egyptian Pyramid Themed Tileset

    Hello, Could you share your exterior tilesets or a screenshot of one of your exterior maps? Just so we know which art style you want. Not all Tileset are compatible with eachother ;)
  10. Deldel

    Music Making・For Dummies (You want to create a music but does not have a musical background)

    Thank you so much! This is probably the most beginner friendly tutorial on music making I've ever encountred! It's perfect to get your feet wet and have fun while experimenting before going on more advanced tutorials :D
  11. Deldel

    Characters Art

    They look *very* good! Thanks for sharing ! ♥
  12. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Well, in your autotiles, you don't seem to have the good corner tiles. They are all just dirt, which they shouldn't (it should be a square of grass in the inside and the dirt in the outside like this:) In other words, your autotile isn't Tiled-compatible yet. This tutorial is, you can say...
  13. Deldel

    Auto-Tiles in Tiled : Parallax Mapping made easier

    Hi! Glad you liked it ^-^ For your problem, the map should use a 24x24grid too ;)
  14. Deldel

    Dels Workshop! [Closed]

    Thank you! It's been a pleasure! ^-^
  15. Deldel

    Dels Workshop! [Closed]

    Hi, and thank you! For free requests, I do Tiles and not Tileset, meaning I can make one or two objects per request, but not whoe Tilesets as those are too time consuming D: If you are still interested, PM me ;) Go ahead! Just remember that it's one object per request ;)
  16. Deldel

    YEP Doodad plugin not loading

    Maybe the files got corrupted somehow? Try to download the json and js files again and put them in a new project.
  17. Deldel

    YEP Doodad plugin not loading

    Do you have any error when you run the game or does it just do nothing? Btw, did you put the doodads.json file into the data folder?
  18. Deldel

    YEP Doodad plugin not loading

    Did you try to close any other process that's running that might be hogging the F10 shortcut?
  19. Deldel

    Orange Overlay Parallax and YEP Doodads problem

    Hi, In case someone else was brought here by Google; I managed to find a messy solution: Open OrangeOverlay.js with notepad, search for "'par', 20, $.Param.parallaxSwitchId", you should find two lines that look like this (they aren't identical). this._parallaxLayer = this.createLayer('pars'...
  20. Deldel

    YEP Doodad plugin not loading

    It's working now, huh. ... I had another program running that used F10 as a hotkey too (a screencapture program), I guess there were a conflict going on. Changing that program's hotkey to F2 fixed it :D

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