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  1. CoryH

    how do you use Avys characters sets : ( none of the codes in readme are working

    The MV and MZ engines by default looks for a character sheet to have 8 sets of characters. Just look at the RTP sprites that come in the character folder. Adding the $ at the front of a filename tells the engine it is a single character sheet. Adding the ! causes the image to be placed a few...
  2. CoryH

    Simple building character set for RPG maker MV

    I'll come up with something and message you when it's finished. Just a heads up though, the FSM style is pretty detailed and distinct. There is some stuff that kind of matches it, but it's not much. For most things you will have to edit yourself or open a resource request. Edit: Avery has a...
  3. CoryH

    Simple building character set for RPG maker MV

    You said in the other thread you had the forest tileset, do you have any other FSM sets?
  4. CoryH

    Simple building character set for RPG maker MV

    Ah, so for that you will probably need to edit the tiles. I'm sure there are some you can use somewhere, but none come to mind. Have you tried to make what you want? Sometimes it's pretty easy to make passable edits for stuff like this. Edit: I don't really mean drawing tiles either. Lots of...
  5. CoryH

    Simple building character set for RPG maker MV

    You could do this through events. Depending on how complicated you wanted the upgrades to be, it should be fairly simple.
  6. CoryH

    RPG MV character sheet for trees for MV

    Which tree? The MV RTP?
  7. CoryH

    Asking for a medival bar tileset. I've got some stuff that may fit what you need if you have MV. And I know I've seen more stuff around the forums, just can't remember who made it.
  8. CoryH

    Running more than one instance of RMMZ?

    All I have to do is open one instance normally, then go to project folder and open the second games project file. I did notice a substantially longer load time than I use to get, but I just confirmed it still works for me running version 1.7.0 on windows 11. Edit: I was poking around my Steam...
  9. CoryH

    Kitchen Tools as weapon animations

    Here's a few I threw together from default assets. Free to use however if you want them.
  10. CoryH

    Ways to make an interesting map layout?

    One thing I've found that helped me was to just Google RPG maps and browse through them. Figure out which ones you like and why you like them and try to incorporate some of those traits into your own map. For instance, in your map the town is on a flat plain but in most maps I see there is some...
  11. CoryH

    Cory's Gallery Updated 4/5/21

    You will have to right click and save each image, unfortunately I never got around to making a single download. Hopefully I can get to that soon.
  12. CoryH

    sunhihi's Generator Parts

    Awesome work! Always good to see more generator parts.
  13. CoryH

    Cory's Gallery Updated 4/5/21

    I have made a female space armor, but it was commissioned. So I won't be able to share it here. I would like to make some free female stuff as soon as real life allows. And the wasteland set would probably be first. But I'm not sure when I will have the spare time.
  14. CoryH

    Cory's Gallery Updated 4/5/21

    @Vixxth Hm, they all seem to be working on my end. Maybe try a different web browser? If that doesn't work, I've got most of them in a zip file I can send you.
  15. CoryH

    RMMZ The Math Warrior - An Elementary Math Educational Game

    @Lady_JJ Well, we don't have any suggestions, but I do have more to say about the game. My wife and I recently started homeschooling her, and we have been looking for fun activities for her to let her rest a bit between harder subjects. She wanted to play a RPG (probably because that's what...
  16. CoryH

    RMMZ The Math Warrior - An Elementary Math Educational Game

    My 9 year old loves this game, she is on the second playthrough now. Awesome job!
  17. CoryH

    MV versus MZ Sprites - Any Differences?

    As far as I know, everything is the same size. However, the generators use different sprites, so generator parts won't transfer without heavy editing. But if you make a character in MV it will work fine transferred to MZ. I haven't tested the weapons, so no idea there.
  18. CoryH

    Writers block on these character classes. Any ideas to make them all viable?

    Just what comes to mind at a glance without having any idea what the actual characters are like. Paladin: Skills could be things like shield bash for a stunning effect. A substitute skill to absorb damage for the party. Various prayers and shouts to buff party attack and weaken enemy party...
  19. CoryH

    Map Madness: WINNERS!

    This event was great, I really like the head to head competition. I'd love more bracketed tournements like this. Congrats to @Calamitous Magic for the win!
  20. CoryH

    Top 8 Theme: Elemental Dungeon! Deadline: 11:59 Pacific, 4/19

    Good luck to everyone who made it through. Some really nice maps last round!

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