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  1. Galv's Map Travel MZ

    I'm trying to do the bonfire system. Where you discover a bonfire and it gets added to the map. I tried adding a switch condition to the Create Travel Map common event. When discovering a bonfire, it flips that switch and runs the create travel map common event again before loading up the...
  2. Eli Font Manager - Use multiple fonts in your game!

    Gonna have to try the Bitmap plugin. Ran into some compatibility issues with the MechPen sharpening tool.
  3. RMMZ Using Skill Containers as Commands

    According to visustella's page this isn't possible
  4. RMMZ Using Skill Containers as Commands

    i am also wondering about this. curious if this is possible. adding a skill container as a battle command
  5. RMMZ - (FIXED) Effekseer Custom Animations Not Loading!

    I'm also having the same issue. But i haven't been using a plugin. So you need a plugin only if you're doing custom stuff? What exactly is the plugin doing? Making a mobile game and want to be sure the plugin will run properly
  6. Triggering a State/Switch after Selecting a Skill? (not using a skill)

    Sorry! I altered my initial question to be more specific, tried to delete my other thread and wasn't sure how. My other thread, I didn't denote the presence of the visual ATB bar and the specificity of wanting to trigger an event/switch PRE-cast. Still trying to figure out how to do that.
  7. Triggering a State/Switch after Selecting a Skill? (not using a skill)

    Got it. I'm messing around with a common event that runs in parallel during battle to check for a few things: ◆If:Script:$gameActors._data[1]._tpbCastTime > 1 ◆Play SE:Cancel3 (90, 60, 0) ◆Script:$gameActors._data[1]._tpbChargeTime = 0 : :$gameActors._data[1]._tpbState = "charging"...
  8. Triggering a State/Switch after Selecting a Skill? (not using a skill)

    Unfortunately, HeroicJay hasn't released a 'wait' version of his turn linking, which is what I'm trying to solve for. Also had some incompatibility issues with his plugin & VS battlecore/skillscore I'm using a visual ATB bar progression. So I want to apply the stun state to actor 1 after...
  9. Triggering a State/Switch after Selecting a Skill? (not using a skill)

    Hey guys- I'm trying to create a dual tech system that's kind of based on child of lights battle system. For those not familiar, it's an ATB with a visual time progress bar. As actors progress from left to right, their TPB reaches 100 and they're ready to cast. After selecting a skill, they...
  10. How to make delayed skill? (autocast triggered by 2nd actor's turn)

    I'm using the ATB (with time progress bar) with 'cast times' (think child of light) and can't figure out the WAIT component of actor 1. So actor 1 selects a dual tech skill involving actor 2. Rather than actor 1 actually USING the skill- instead, they should be stunned, and remain 'ready' to...
  11. How to make delayed skill? (autocast triggered by 2nd actor's turn)

    Right. However in my mechanic, Actor 1 (who selected the skill) is “waiting” to cast the dual tech when actor 2’s TPB >== 100. so i’d need a way to set actor 1’s TPB == 0 if actor 2 died before reaching 100 TPB. not sure where to place that condition. there a way to trigger a variable / apply a...
  12. How to make delayed skill? (autocast triggered by 2nd actor's turn)

    other part i’m trying to solve are what to do if the skill is cued and the associated actors die before their tpb reaches 100 and the skil is autocast. also might need to prevent them from being subbed out of the party if they’re “cued”. not positive how id pull that off with conditional states
  13. How to make delayed skill? (autocast triggered by 2nd actor's turn)

    I'm creating a dual tech system with the ATB Wait Battle system. Trying to understand how to implement a risk reward dual tech system. Essentially actor 1 'precasts' a skill that involves a second actor, and the risk is they wait for the second actor's TPB to fill up before the skill is...
  14. How is speed handled in TPB Wait vs. Active?

    Put more simply- I'm trying to make actor's / Enemy's TPB progress more slowly in wait mode. I've tried making their agility 1, but for some reason, they still progress Funny you replied, because I was just looking into a plugin you wrote! Lol...
  15. How is speed handled in TPB Wait vs. Active?

    How does RPG Maker calculate the speed in which an Actor's TPB gauge fills up in wait vs. active? I prefer wait, but in my usecase (Visustella A T B), the gauge is filling up way too fast in wait compared to active. WAIT: ACTIVE: I'm wondering why there's such a discrepency. I was under...
  16. RMMZ Pausing on Turn Start in Active Time Battle?

    Is this a plugin request? I'm using the VS ATB plugin and am just wanting to manipulate it.
  17. RMMZ Pausing on Turn Start in Active Time Battle?

    I'm trying to implement a battle system similar to Child of Light. I want to use the ACTIVE battle system (the way it handles time progression) but PAUSE on an actor's turn start. I know what you're thinking. Just use the WAIT version! However, I'm using Visustella's ATB plug-in to offer a...
  18. Displaying Images Based on Party's Turn?

    any idea what code snippet would check an actors turn and display an image?
  19. Displaying Images Based on Party's Turn?

    Maybe i could input a code snippet into the VS battle core to run 'pre-start turn'. Would need to code a JS snippet that conditionally checked the actor index and displayed an image. (dont know how to do this but i can research or ask) Was just going common event because I know how to display...
  20. Displaying Images Based on Party's Turn?

    Thanks! Pixel artist so I'm still learning programming / logic, lol. What do you mean by the second part? Was going to maybe make a common event that runs parallel with some script checks? So: IF === 1 Show picture that highlights actor 1 index But not...

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