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  1. San

    RMMV Animated Icons

    Found an issue :( The animated icons show up outside of the box if the size of the item window is reduced or if there are many items.
  2. San

    How to cancel a Common Event attached to a Skill if said skill fails?

    Right now the Common Event runs regardless if the skill hits the enemy or not. How do I make the Common Event run only when the skill successfully hits its target? Can I cancel the Common Event if the attack miss?
  3. San

    Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies - Wrong animation position

    @Low After changing the lines 2770 and 2777 in the Yep_X_AnimatedSVEnemies.js plugin, it seems that the problem is no longer there :LZSexcite: Now the centered animations appear as they should. I tested with animations on different positions and they seem to work fine too.
  4. San

    Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies - Wrong animation position

    [Animated Sideview Enemies] (I also use Yed_SideviewBattler to allow multiple frames) For some reason, with an animated enemy's sprite the animations are shown at the top of the sprite, even if it's set to be shown in the middle of it. With a non-animated enemy (default, single sprite), the...
  5. San

    How to show a different animation depending on the selected enemy?

    For example, if I use a certain skill on the enemy "Slime" the attack will play the animation ID 002, but if I use the same skill on the enemy "Bat", it will play the animation ID 003 instead. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. San

    How to change an enemy position during a battle?

    There's a script for VX/Ace by HimeWorks that allows us to move an enemy position during a battle by using script calls, and I'm looking for something like that for MV, but so far couldn't find anything :frown: There are similar plugins/snippets ("Shift Enemies" and "Enemy Placement") by...
  7. San

    Is it still not possible to remove the blur/aliasing from the text?

    I'm making an old school type of game and the blurry text is driving me nuts. There's a plugin called SFont that is the only alternative so far , and it's great for normal text and menus, but it is incompatible with other text plugins (like "shaking text"), and it doesn't work with the text...
  8. San

    Questions about some database "Terms"

    Thank you very much! :biggrin:
  9. San

    Questions about some database "Terms"

    I'm having trouble figuring out what those terms mean... "Party Name" "Magic Evasion" "Magic Reflection" "Counter Attack" "Substitute" When do they show up? How do I make them show up (for testing reasons)? I looked in the help files and, unless I looked in the wrong place, there's nothing...
  10. San

    Name Imput - How to disable Symbols and the "Page" button?

    Please! Any help is appreciated :( Edit: *input

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