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  1. Domagames

    RMMV Set PM equal to the value of a variable.

    Thanks, this was the solution.
  2. Domagames

    RMMV Set PM equal to the value of a variable.

    Yes, is the MP. Whats commands should be in this case?
  3. Domagames

    RMMV Set PM equal to the value of a variable.

    Good afternoon, I am looking for a way to establish the PM of an actor, based on the value of a variable. Under normal circumstances, the value of the variable is added or subtracted, but not the exact value. I need a plugin or code script pls.
  4. Domagames

    RMMZ ¿Display a Text with command menu button?

    Good evening, I'm looking for a really simple plugin. A command in the "Journal" menu that when entered, displays a text.
  5. Domagames

    RMMV Use Skill -> Gain extra turn

    this complement "yanfly's instant skills plugin" cost 10$ now...
  6. Domagames

    Dual Weapon Restriction 1.0

    Thanks, work perfect!!
  7. Domagames

    How to make a "Mark of Assasins"?

    Thanks, the first code work perfect, but i have problems with the second code, doesn't work. Should be in the state "mark of assassin" note, no?
  8. Domagames

    Habilidad que requiere tener equipadas 2 armas del mismo tipo

    I have a question, it is regarding the requirements for weapons. Well, the specific question is, how can I make a skill only work, when two specific weapons are equipped? For example, I have a skill called "Double Stab" and I want it to only work when you have two knives equipped, similarly...
  9. Domagames

    How to make a "Mark of Assasins"?

    Hello, my question is, how to make the next Ability? "Mark of assasin" marks the target (target) to take double damage from the assassin (user) and if this target dies while carrying the mark, the assassin gains 100 gold. whats plugin need?
  10. Domagames

    Soldier Battler

    I made a mixed version between the one published by @Lavitz85 and @aleph Nulo, made with photoshop. Tested and it looks very well animated.
  11. Domagames

    Visual bug in my character sprites

    First, sorry for delay in my review of your answers, thanks for yours help. I use a Zoom script for any cinematics, but before, the Zoom script no cause this problem. This proyect is very old, I had copy proyect files in a new proyect for update in a new version of RPG maker mv.
  12. Domagames

    Visual bug in my character sprites

    Look this, I dont know in what moment, aparece this bug. When the character sprite is static or in moving, the lines on heads aparece. How to can fix it?

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