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  1. Funami Z

    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    I'm having trouble with the code this is what I get
  2. Funami Z

    shop menu layout and size change

    I want to change the layout of the shop menu to be similar to Undertale's shop menu This is how I want it to look:
  3. Funami Z

    Having Trouble With YEP_PictureCommonEvents

    Hi, I'm new to rpg maker mv. While using this plugin all other images didn't show up, I'm not sure why. Would anyone help? "I found a way to make other images show up, it toke me a while but by using the show image plugin command as well as erasing the common event pictures".
  4. Funami Z

    Freelance Character Designer/Concept Artist

    Hi! I really like your art style~ I'm looking for help with character designs if you're interested, you can find some of the progress here: I have some ideas but I haven't been able to find fitting designs for them yet.
  5. Funami Z

    Looking for team member

    I'm working on a cute little sea adventure game, called Light in the Abyss. I'ts on rpg maker MV. It's more of a point and click story, there is no fighting thus far. It has LGTB content but nothing 18+. It'll be a free to play game, and will not be sold.  I have a team. The only thing we...
  6. Funami Z

    Plugin Commission?

    Thanks will do, I'm still new and I don't know my way around.
  7. Funami Z

    Plugin Commission?

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to do custom plugins for a project. edit: thanks i'm new here so I don't know how to do that could you give me steps?
  8. Funami Z

    Animated Title screen

    Hi, I'm new to rpg maker mv and I'm having trouble doing an animated title screen. I wanted to use this  it worked for me before but not anymore. I also tried but I don't want it to go back to the...

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