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  1. Popular requested tilesets/sprites/resource or assets.

    I see, that makes sense. Thanks for your input
  2. Popular requested tilesets/sprites/resource or assets.

    Sort of, but I have since decided to open it to more than just modern designs, which I should have done in the first place.
  3. Popular requested tilesets/sprites/resource or assets.

    Do you mean popular rpgmaker games? Is the name of the game "popular game" Or do you just mean any popular rpg game?
  4. Popular requested tilesets/sprites/resource or assets.

    I've been design tilesets and sprites, but I want to focus on assets that highly requested. I know often modern/futuristic stuff is requested, but apart from that does anyone have suggestions I could focus on. Sprites, tilesets, enemy battlers, battle backgrounds etc.
  5. Custom Tileset Inquiries

    I see, yeah animated sprites are certainly a different task, but I appreciate the input.
  6. Custom Tileset Inquiries

    Hey, sorry I should have clarified better. I mean modern day tilesets.
  7. Custom Tileset Inquiries

    I'm currently designing some modern era tilesets, I'm trying to get an idea of the most requested sprites/tilesets to include. Thanks in advanced.
  8. Tileset Size Inquiry

    Thanks everyone.
  9. Tileset Size Inquiry

    I'm getting back into RPGmaker after a few years, it's been a long time since I've made customer tilesets. Is it not possible to add custom sized tileset sheets? I want to put larger house sized house such as the one in the image I've attached.
  10. Looking for a plugin/method of changing system parameters

    I'm looking for a way to change this such as "Weapon Types" "Skill Types" Etc. As opposed to having weapons and equipment equipped in the game, I'd like all new items to be upgrades. So the player has built in slots on existing weapons, and can socket them to alter the performance of the...
  11. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Hi there, are there any available help files or examples I can use to do some more research on the QABS plugin? thanks
  12. Looking for Help with the QuasiABS Plugins.

    I've discovered this QABS plugin and it's project file. I've figured out alot of it, but it would be great if there were tutorials or a manual of some sort for me to do some studying on it. Does anyone know if there is much support out there for it?
  13. Make an event the same on every map

    Oh, I thought if I replied to them directly that would respond to just them, thanks.
  14. Make an event the same on every map

    I've got it firing in 8 directions right now, with some help of course. My goal is to eventually get more directions, but I'm working on getting a plugin that fires at mouse position. GALVs Map Projectiles does this fairly well, but it's limited in some ways for me, so I'm doing most of it with...
  15. Make an event the same on every map

    The only thing is, the projectile has multiple pages, each projectile will have different effects and speeds etc. However, I suppose I will have to create multiple common events for all of those anyway. How would I go about using a picture as a projectile, and how would I set collision detection...
  16. Make an event the same on every map

    Yeah, I suppose I could also make it event 999 everytime, since I've already used up Hey that's a good idea, I will consider that, thanks!
  17. Make an event the same on every map

    No I'm not using a plugin for it, however those are good ideas. Thanks!
  18. Make an event the same on every map

    I have a projectile event that can be shot by the player. This is event is essentially relocated to the players location from a hidden place on the map. It works well, however, I call it up from a Common Event, so the event number 005 will change on each map. I realized this is a problem because...
  19. Trying to read directional movement

    Seems to do the exact same thing as what I'm working with. Shoots in the 4 directions. Edit: I have to fool around with it more, once I started walking on an angle I realized that I think it's actually working, but I have no conditions set up for it. I'll let you know. Edit#2: I set up...

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