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  1. Matombo

    [Bug] [Linux] "Open Folder" doesn't work

    I'm using Manjaro Linux with KDE Plasma 5 which uses kde-open5 to determine standard applications which is in my case Dolphin as file browser and Firefox as web browser. Qt lib is version 5.8. In the menu "Game->Open Folder" and "Help->Contents" don't work giving the error in the console: I...
  2. Matombo

    Plattform support tested (Works on Linux!)

    you forgot the leading "/' before "home": /home/jorin/.wine-steam (background info for better understanding: paths in linux that beginn with "/" are absolute paths, which means they always refere to the same location regardless of your current working directory. when no leading "/" is used the...
  3. Matombo

    March Madness Mini-Game Contest!

    Do adventure puzzle rooms count as minigames? (room escape style)
  4. Matombo

    RPG Maker MV 1.4.0 Update

    it's a nativ linux port as far as i can tell
  5. Matombo

    Community Poll: Style Preference

    I liked the xp style a lot, with the biger charackters and so
  6. Matombo

    RPG Maker MV 1.4.0 Update

    Native Linux Client WOOOH!!!! (We are the 1% fellow linux users ^.^) One Question what does the "for Desktop mode" mean? Did i miss a new feature that is not a destop editor? And another question: Will the MV tools get ported to linux too?
  7. Matombo

    What does "Made with RMMV" mean?

    Ok i cross read most of the toppic, but i can't help to notice a very fatal practical flaw in this very theoretical Discussion: As long as you can open edit save and playtest the game from MV, how can anyone prove that it was not made with mv? When kadokawa wants to sue you it's there turn...
  8. Matombo

    Plattform support tested (Works on Linux!)

    should be working fine as well i would install steam using winetricks which makes some fixes automatically that are needed for steam to work fine winetricks should be in every linux repository, when installed just run winetricks steam or better env...
  9. Matombo

    The unoffical Linux support thread

    Current wine results: Nothing to complain about ^^
  10. Matombo

    Plattform support tested (Works on Linux!)

    Just tested the new version: Works nerly flwlessly out of the box, only thing is that the font when playtesting doesn't get rendered correctly but it's still readable (just has some weired black edges)
  11. Matombo

    Member+ Refunds

    got mine too thx u guys rock
  12. Matombo

    Member+ Refunds

    ditto any news?
  13. Matombo

    Running RPG Maker MV in Linux (Fedora 22) using Wine

    i don't use play on linux but does it support the WINEPEFIX variable? if you don't know what this is: when you first start wine it's creating a .wine folder in your home directory where it stores your program files as well as windows dll's the registry and stuff now when you installing...
  14. Matombo

    Member+ Refunds

    thank you, luckily i have that one too, i have overlooked it in my resource folder ^^
  15. Matombo

    Member+ Refunds

    didn't get my refund either also have another questions: since i wasn't able to access the member+ forum for a month: have there been any packs after the august 2015?
  16. Matombo

    Member+ not working

    thanks, but any news on this? guess you have been busy with the forum software update
  17. Matombo

    Member+ not working

    Hi, so i bought member+ so since i want to try it out first and not prolonge it automatically i canceled it imediatly afterwards, because the 3 month i paid it still should stay active but now i don't have access to the member+ forum anymore also i was dumb enough to use the browser...
  18. Matombo

    Bug with support requests

    When you click a member+ subscription in you puchases list, and then the "new support requests"  button you get to a form you cant send because it requires you to select a department in a dropdown menue but this one is empty
  19. Matombo

    Member+ without Credit Card

    well i found out that my father has a credit card but thanks for the info maybe you should mention it somewhere in the member+ pruchase page
  20. Matombo

    Member+ without Credit Card

    I found some topics on this but i didn't what to necropost but still ask. Are there any plan to make Member+ available in Germany without a credit card? PayPal is requiring a credit card for subscriptions and since i don't have one i literary have no change to get it.

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