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  1. RMMV KazaK

    Demo now available on Steam as well.
  2. RMMV Yanfly Equip Battle Skills Disable (Pokemon)

    So, if you can equip 4 skills in battle and each one has a different skill type, how would you go about making a state to specifically seal only 1 of those equipped skills? If I make it seal 1 skill type, it potentially seals all of the player’s currently equipped skills if they only have one...
  3. RMMV Yanfly Equip Battle Skills Disable (Pokemon)

    Is it possible for an enemy to disable one of an actor’s skills for a few turns a la Pokemon’s Disable move? I’m using Yanfly’s Equip Battle Skills and I think using actor.battleSkillsRaw() or actor.battleSkills() (I don’t fully understand the difference) to see what skills the target actor has...
  4. RMMV KazaK

  5. RMMV Target Core/Action Sequence Throwing Enemy into Another Enemy

    That fixed it, targetnum now works as intended! Thank you for the plugin, you're amazing and I'm definitely putting a sage NPC or something named "Turan" lol. Only issue now is that occasionally a single enemy ends up being targeted for the grab and also for the throw position, so they just...
  6. RMMV Target Core/Action Sequence Throwing Enemy into Another Enemy

    @ATT_Turan I've experimented quite a bit and I'm stumped. I can get the randomopponent, randomtarget and just plain old target to work, but for some reason everytime I use targetnum 0, or targetnum 1 I get an error. "TypeError. Targets.forEach is not a function at...
  7. RMMV Target Core/Action Sequence Throwing Enemy into Another Enemy

    Wow, this is huge! I’ll have to play around with it some more when I get some time since I probably messed it up, but I did get an error. The heavy enemy is rammed as intended, but the smaller enemies cause positioning issues and fly towards the right corner of the screen. I think it may...
  8. RMMV Target Core/Action Sequence Throwing Enemy into Another Enemy

    Yeah, I assumed as much. Maybe there’s a way to pick a second target based on the alive troops and slap a specific state on that one and then use a common event or a troop event to damage whoever has that state once the original target is slammed on to it? I suppose that wouldn’t solve the...
  9. RMMV Target Core/Action Sequence Throwing Enemy into Another Enemy

    @ATT_Turan Thank you for the detailed response! And thank you @ANT0NS3DG3 for your help too. Question though, if there’s 4 enemies, what happens if Enemy 2 is dead? Would 3 and 4 move up and become 2 and 3? Or would the sequence not work because there is no longer an enemy 2, so I’d need...
  10. RMMV Target Core/Action Sequence Throwing Enemy into Another Enemy

    I'm trying to make a skill that grabs an enemy and based on their weight, either throws them into another random enemy or if they are too heavy or the only member of the troop alive, they are just rammed into. I yoinked the Custom Target Eval from Yanfly's Chain Lightning tutorial and added...
  11. SumRndmDde's Timed Attack Core

    Yeah you can use $gameTemp.tas_power in either an action sequence or the damage formula to manipulate how you want to handle the results. So if $gameTemp.tas_power is equal to 1, it would do full damage and if it's less than 1, it does zero.
  12. Stop Animation in Battle

    Thank you for this! I'll test it out and see what I can scare up. I appreciate you!
  13. Stop Animation in Battle

    Is it possible to interrupt a battle animation? For example, if there’s an animation of a projectile flying at a battler and a QTE is successful so that said fireball is dispersed, is there a script that will end the animation early or at least set the opacity to 0 or the x or y to a position...
  14. RMMV Where's the Skill mastery level up animation from Yanfly are?

    If you check the plug-in, it has a section for '--visual--', make sure it's expanded and you should see 'level up animation'. You can set it so it is mirrored or not on actors and enemies.
  15. RMMV Yanfly Skill Core Custom Requirement

    It's a Christmas miracle, thank you so much, that has been killing me for quite some time! I see where I went wrong there, thank you for the explanation as well.
  16. RMMV Yanfly Skill Core Custom Requirement

    Trying to make a triple-team skill that requires 3 specific actors to both be present in the current party and free of several states that would preclude them using the skill (dead, sleep, frozen, etc). I've been using the provided script for a dual skill that works perfectly, but I can't...
  17. TSR_MoveEvent

    Thank you for the update, I really appreciate you!
  18. TSR_MoveEvent

    Ah, I understand. I might have to just find another key set-up. That alternative you mentioned would also work, if it’s not too difficult an addition. Someone else may find it useful as well. Thank you for your time.
  19. TSR_MoveEvent

    Great plugin! Is it possible for you to add a parameter to set the pick up function to be either hold 'ok' or simply press 'ok' to grab and press again to release? My current control set up makes it pretty difficult for the player to grab and also move around.
  20. Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Okay, I think I’m tracking now. The format is “If….else…end”. I thought it was like “if….end….else….end”. So if I’m using “end”, it’s being used to conclude the preceding “if” statement. Thanks for your help, it was probably time to learn this properly anyways.

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