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  1. Bone


    Welcome! The PSX version was also my first Maker and jumping into MV years later. I was surprised how much of the system I remembered and relevant.
  2. Bone

    What color should a poison slime be?

    It can be any of the normal colors we associate poison with. But like MMMm said, it should be tied to the source of the poison. Another thing to consider is the importance of the color to the whole experience. Is the color green associated with healing spells? Then maybe you should avoid green...
  3. Bone

    Games that inspired you

    Hylics is a big one. Anything auteur driven by one person or a small group is really inspiring.
  4. Bone

    January Goals and Progress Thread

    I am aiming to have all the main game mechanics polished or at the least settled by the end of the month. If things go well hopefully redesign the battle UI to make the player feel more like a tamer.
  5. Bone

    What are your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3 so far?

    The last trailer is indistinguishable from parody trailers or jokes about the story line being confusing/nonsensical.
  6. Bone

    What did you study in high school/college?

    Study in HS? And didn't go to college, film school would have been nice but doing alright being self thought and have seen several film students who don't know how to operate a camera. If I get the chance Id like to study economics and business tho.
  7. Bone

    RMMV DEMO: Rukhnar - A Pokémon reinvention!

    The new EXP system sounds pretty interesting, seems like a good way to keep players engaged even during normal battles when all you normally do is press the A button.
  8. Bone

    Funny names?

    People seem to really like puns, even the people who say they like them ironically.
  9. Bone

    RMMV Metal Tamers: A Somber Monster Catching Game(Demo)

    Thanks! I think for the most part I have figure out how to make the main mechanics work and what I can't will just have to rework into the games themes. The enemy of art is the absence of limitations and all that. And now an update. In the current demo, the main quest ask for the player to...
  10. Bone

    Also not a fan of the white outline, +1 for black shade.

    Also not a fan of the white outline, +1 for black shade.
  11. Bone

    lol All the this criticism is what I hear people say about RPG Maker games in general...

    lol All the this criticism is what I hear people say about RPG Maker games in general. Sturgeon's law, there are plenty of pokemon hacks that have tried to implement their own ideas to the pokemon formula or story.
  12. Bone

    Battle System Question

    I was literally in the same place around this time last month. I spend all of November learning to use RPG Maker and frankenstein a system together(check demo in signature). The short of it is that a pokemonesque system doesn't exist and no matter how you choose to implement it, you will be met...
  13. Bone

    What's in a font?

    Look at games similar to yours and try to find similar fonts. Don't try to go for a crazy super unique font cause it will most likely just cause a strain on your players eyes, they will always appreciate readability over anything. For years now I have been defaulting to Verdana for personal...
  14. Bone

    Skills or States for Robot/Mechine ?

    His skills/states should be tied to the world he is from and their level of technology. Like, would he need constant refueling or is he super advanced to the point that he can auto repair/regenerate. Is he humanoid looking or a tank like Johnny 5? Can he attach weapons to himself cause that...
  15. Bone

    How to make fun "Attack"?

    Don't know where I watched this, think it was an extra in a halo game or something. But it was a small behind the scenes clip of the developers talking about how the most important part of the game were those 2 seconds between the player hitting a trigger and the gun firing. If they couldn't...
  16. Bone

    RMMV Metal Tamers: A Somber Monster Catching Game(Demo)

    Pokemon and Pokemon like games seem to take place in what appears to be highly functioning socialist nations. Free healthcare for your monsters, children are given Pokemons at a certain age, the professors are not privately funded and thus their research is aimed at the overall benefit of their...
  17. Bone

    Indie Game Making Contest 2018!

    Barely made it, I mean it still is an unfinished mess but it was fun to work on it till the final hour.
  18. Bone

    RPG related Video Essay or Reviews

    I always enjoy a good video essay or film review that breaks down a movie or show into what makes them great, they are informative and educational. So any you'd recommend for RPGs? Example
  19. Bone

    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    Adventurers have been waiting for a table at their local tavern for an hour, an rpg about nothing.
  20. Bone

    How many game controllers have you murdered in your gaming career?

    I never murder any controllers, but when I was younger I did took my rage on an n64 cartridge.

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