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  1. Moerem

    [DONE]Request for a Sideview Battler for an MZ bear.

    That is fantastic, thank you! And yes, if the little game ever gets released to any audience you'll certainly get credit. Excellent work!
  2. Moerem

    [DONE]Request for a Sideview Battler for an MZ bear.

    Take your time friend! You are helping out a little family of RPG makers. Thank you!
  3. Moerem

    [DONE]Request for a Sideview Battler for an MZ bear.

    Thank you for the reply, Avery. I was hoping more for what Cola Lime is doing, a brown bear that's a lot less vicious and fearsome and more aesthetically similar to the MZ style. Thank you very much for the little tutorial though, it helped me sort something else out I was trying to figure out...
  4. Moerem

    [DONE]Request for a Sideview Battler for an MZ bear.

    Edit: @ColaLime sorted me out, thank you again friend! The fantastic sideview battler is in the spoiler below. Resource Type: Sideview Battler. Maker Format: MZ Makers I Currently* Own: MZ/MV Art Style: Unsure what it's called, sorry, the default style in MZ I guess? Description: A...

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