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  1. RMMV RMMV - SRD HUD maker bug - elements look faded/semi-transparent?

    I did a check - it's still transparent even with it's toggled off + set to autorun, but the error disappears again when I set it as parallel instead of autorun. Parallel isn't crashing the game here anyway, since all the HUD elements are only set to appear on one page and disappear when you leave!
  2. RMMV RMMV - SRD HUD maker bug - elements look faded/semi-transparent?

    Thank you! I moved it down and tried again, but it still had the same error. I tested some more, and realized that I can't use Autorun when it comes to toggling the HUD on or off or else it will produce that faded look (I set it so that the switch to make the HUD visible is turned on every...
  3. RMMV Layout gets pushed down?

    I found trapless' solution in this thread I'm linking works for this one, in case anyone else wants to know!
  4. RMMV RMMV - SRD HUD maker bug - elements look faded/semi-transparent?

    Here's a screenshot. You'll note that the 1% and the gauge bars look really transparent, but I don't know why this is the case. When I'm creating these using the HUD maker they look normal, but when I leave and use the playtest it reverts to this faded look. There aren't any opacity settings...
  5. RMMV Layout gets pushed down?

    Here is what the layout of my menu looks like when I view it in my rpg maker playtest: Here is what it looks like in the browser, though (this is run through It all looks like it was pushed down. I used Galv's Menu editor to do the layout for the first one - is there something in...
  6. RMMV Cannot read property 'split' of undefined (Yanfly ItemCore error?)

    You're very kind, thank you! I'll send you a DM by early tomorrow!
  7. RMMV Cannot read property 'split' of undefined (Yanfly ItemCore error?)

    So I just went through my items as you suggested and couldn't find the error from them - I really think it is the Back button that's screwing up things here. Not sure how this happened to me, but the system thinks that the Back button is an item, but since that's not in my item database it...
  8. RMMV Cannot read property 'split' of undefined (Yanfly ItemCore error?)

    I haven't deleted any items, which is why I was stumped. At that point in the game there isn't any item that would be required to pass that stage, either. Adding/buying any new item fixes the error, but then the old error comes back again - clicking on the Back button throws up the bug in the...
  9. RMMV Cannot read property 'split' of undefined (Yanfly ItemCore error?)

    Oddly enough, it's worse now - instead of just the Back button throwing up the error, clicking on "Item" in the submenu throws it up The error: The part that causes the error: (same menu as the previous one I posted, only it gets the error before I even reach the "Back" part) All my...
  10. RMMV Cannot read property 'split' of undefined (Yanfly ItemCore error?)

    I keep getting this error every time I click on the "Back" part of the item inventory in my game. The problem in the game: My plugin manager: Any help would be great! Starting a new game still causes the error! My rpg maker has been updated to 1.6.2 and as far as I know all my plugins...
  11. Icon Captions

    Oh, thank you for this! Does this work if the icon is also added to say, just a text window and not in a menu or battle?
  12. RMMV Remove the help window from the skill menu?

    Ohhhh a million bazzilion thank yous, NOW I get it. The HUDmaker worked!! I've been doing this the difficult way this whole time! Thread can be closed now!
  13. RMMV Remove the help window from the skill menu?

    I've tried that and it always states that I have to be on a map to be able to use the HUD maker? This one's a part of the main menu, the skill section - even enabling the menu while on a map doesn't seem to work I think I can edit out what's needed in js, but I need someone to point me to where...
  14. RMMV Remove the help window from the skill menu?

    This part, specifically. Is there anywhere in the code I can edit this part out? Thanks!
  15. RMMV Changing only one part of my Status Menu screen?

    @Shaz Thank you, I figured out what to comment and managed to get it to the layout I want! I also managed to put the "To Next Level" value in the same window, but I the usual gauge bar accompanying the number didn't go with the move. Did I miss a code? I'd like it to have a gauge bar again like...
  16. [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    @Frogboy I actually haven't changed that part yet - I just added in the plugin. So the ones listed by default should be working, right? What I mean is the health stats that are all listed here by default should work if I didn't change that part? Because right now the status menu looks like...
  17. RMMV Changing only one part of my Status Menu screen?

    In the Status menu, there is a part that is consistent for all the status pages you use, but I was wondering if there was a way to add/remove some things from it so that this is the default for all the other pages as well? I was hoping to remove the Name + Job position because I want it to show...
  18. [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    Hello Frogboy, and thank you so much for this plugin! I do have a weird problem - I'm assuming this is plug and play, but when I added the plugin, none of the parameters I made are showing up on my status screen? Did I need to call something first to have it show up there? I already have Frog...
  19. RMMV Picture X and Y positions on Common Events?

    Ahh, so it's similar to the ChoiceList Windows when it comes to sizing, then. It's a bit difficult, since the character images come in different heights and builds, but will have to find a workaround. Thank you again! Please close this thread!

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