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  1. AbstractMan

    RMMV Escape From Haunted Spaces

    This gives me all sorts of maniac mansion vibes and as always your art is impeccable and distinct. Coloring book meets eldeitch horror. I'll keep a look out for this one.
  2. AbstractMan

    Poorly Describe Your Game Projects

    Frozen 80s psycho is aimlessly lost in the guts of an evil computer monster. Worst vacation ever.
  3. AbstractMan

    RMMV City of Dust- (Choice Heavy Cyberpunk RPG)

    Still alive! Who would have thought giving players 5,000 ways to express themselves during any given quest takes a whole lotta time... Deep in development. Have someone helping with a unique industrial/experimental soundtrack, and my pixel artist is killing it, if I do say so myself.. The...
  4. AbstractMan

    RMMV Dreamtrotter (Demo Now Available!) - Action Platformer Meets RPG Maker Horror

    Allllright. I am back! Soo the good! I still dig the cutout art style; the choice of music is top-notch and I still love the design of the main character. I even love that little panicked look she does when the boss drops from the sky…(I don’t remember it being there before). Also, good work...
  5. AbstractMan

    RMMV Dreamtrotter (Demo Now Available!) - Action Platformer Meets RPG Maker Horror

    Well, I love platformers and I do dig the storybook Kirby-esque art style as I think it ages very well and you can be quite creative with the colors. Now for the critique! Atmosphere- Dream hopping is neat. With this idea you can go very colorful and whimsical, or very creepy and...
  6. AbstractMan

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Hello! I am curious if anyone who currently reads this thread had found a way to integrate the priority system or "Taunt". I have been trying to add it to a state but I have been a having hard time getting it to actually work.
  7. AbstractMan

    RMMV Lecode/JS Image delay Question

    Perfect! Thank you!
  8. AbstractMan

    When/How Do You Gain Your 1st/2nd Party Member?

    I like a sense of progression and starting from nothing in games, so I generally shy away from starting a player with a party. I find it's a great way to ease someone into learning when there are fewer buttons to memorize right away. That said I don’t leave the player hanging for very long...
  9. AbstractMan

    RMMV Lecode/JS Image delay Question

    Hello! So I have been using Lecodes tactical battle system code for quite sometime and have been slowly trying to modify and shape it visually to fit my game's current style. Now while I know not a lot of you use this plugin, the question I have maybe more generally aimed at those with more...
  10. AbstractMan

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    That sounds like it would be difficult to code! Interesting way of handling speed, especially if you are limiting character to one action per “turn”. In my game, I removed the one action per turn cap and now characters gain a # of AP per turn, and this AP can be used for a number of things like...
  11. AbstractMan

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    That looks so That looks excellent! Great work!. I went with a minimalist style using the number below characters to guide turn order as opposed to the overhead portraits which in the long run caused me a lot of grief and bugs over the years. I think I will take a look at that :O
  12. AbstractMan

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    So I am not sure how many bites I am going to get on this, but I am curious to know if anyone has found a way to really mess with the character window on the bottom left corner. Currently, mine looks like this… Customized and flavorful in all its cyberpunk glory as much as I could. But I...
  13. AbstractMan

    RMMV Showing Custom Popups w/ LTBS

    Well thats neat. I disabled those pop ups for myself as I could not get them to do anything useful! This plugin is amazing but sometimes you got to dig a bit
  14. AbstractMan

    RMMV City of Dust- (Choice Heavy Cyberpunk RPG)

    Thanks! The artist who joined my team is fantastic. He really captures the essence of clunky rusted filth that I do so love. Gone are my old garrish eyesores.
  15. AbstractMan

    RMMV Manafinder - A tale about survival featuring all original pixel art and music! [Released!]

    I am not sure if I like the art direction or sound design more, but this project looks excellent.
  16. AbstractMan

    RMMV City of Dust- (Choice Heavy Cyberpunk RPG)

    How much clutter is too much clutter? Trick question! Can never have enough clutter! Some of the new maps we have been working on.
  17. AbstractMan

    RMMV City of Dust- (Choice Heavy Cyberpunk RPG)

    Heya folks! Want to see what we have been working on? Well, my artist made a lovely teaser for a music festival a few weeks back that should help illuminate this! Enjoy, and like the game be warned as the trailer shows some over-the-top comic violence.
  18. AbstractMan

    How Do You Design Your "Ultimates"?

    I am using an old fallout or xcom esque battle system so the way it works, is that all characters have two types of move categories. These are free Actions and skills. Free actions are things like your basic shot, reload, or pondering. Your character can only do one of these actions per turn...
  19. AbstractMan

    RMMZ Sempiternal

    Call me crazy but I cannot agree with studio blues assessment on your white-haired boss. I think the difficulty is fantastic and he felt like an actual boss. Your battle balance and implementation is something to be envied, and in addition, I also think it did require using everything you have...
  20. AbstractMan

    RMMV RetroShock - There Is Always A Lighthouse

    Alright, I finally dived into the game, and I have some thoughts! The Amazing Visuals and music: The is damn near perfect! It does the homage well, and it does make it seem like a SNES game. When I say near-perfect, those status icons seem a tad out of place, as well as the RPG maker sounds...

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This is the second phase of the Manor Experiment boss enemy that I shared before. In this phase, it is possessed by Cerebellum, one of the four eldritch horror villains of the game.
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I don't remember if a plugin like this already existed, but just in case, I'll do it anyway.

Add a professional touch to your game by requiring users to accept the typical license agreement that obviously no one reads, but it doesn't matter xd

And yes, you must get to the bottom of the text for the Accept button to be enabled, otherwise it makes no sense haha
It would be kind of brutal, but I lowkey want to add in a secret boss battle against a literal bucket, just so that if you use the kick attack on it, it says "[character] kicks the bucket," and drops you down to like 1 HP.

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