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  1. magnumwhisper

    Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    I don't understand either. No, my top graphic layer is attached below. The entire middle area is transparent. It is really strange. I'm glad it isn't something obvious. I'm going to try recreating the map and making it smaller. I can't think of any other reason?
  2. magnumwhisper

    Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    It solves the map flickering issues, but it seems the tile-set is not displaying properly. I can work around this though. Thank you for your help and for designing such awesome plugins!! Here is a video to better explain. Am I missing something obvious?
  3. magnumwhisper

    I would think the majority definitely!

    I would think the majority definitely!
  4. magnumwhisper

    Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    Wow, thank you for the fast reply! Here is the current settings for the two layers: LAYER_S 0 Base 0 0 255 1 10 0 0 LAYER_S 2 Top 0 0 255 5 10 0 0
  5. magnumwhisper

    Working on a game...

    Working on a game...
  6. magnumwhisper

    Galv's Layer Graphics (fogs, parallaxes, mapping)

    Hi, I'm having the following error with the Layers plugin. I'm using MZ. I have never experienced an error like this before. If I disable the plugin everything works fine. Is there a limit on map size? This map is 50 x 50. Has anyone had this happen before? Thanks!
  7. magnumwhisper

    Character Maker Software (Freeware)

    I was just about to send you a PM. I'm glad I kept reading until the end of this topic! Thank you! I just purchased a lot of the PV assets on the Halloween Steam sale. Looking forward to testing them out. Great work to both you and Jesse!
  8. magnumwhisper

    This literally changes everything for me. Thank you so much!

    This literally changes everything for me. Thank you so much!
  9. magnumwhisper

    Project FOSSIL (v1.0): Use MV plugins in MZ! 300+ plugins Fossilized!

    Has anyone had success with deploying their game to mobile/web well using the Fossil plugin? For whatever reason my game does not work when I deploy it for mobile/web when using the fossil plugin. Thanks in advance!
  10. magnumwhisper

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    Thank you once again! This adds so much more to the plugin. :)
  11. magnumwhisper

    Anna's Radio Plugin

    Very cool concept! In the game I'm currently working on I plan on creating a jukebox, this may come in handy! Thank you for designing this and sharing it!! I have quite a bit of experience coding, so I'll see what I can do when the time comes.

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