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  1. Robro33

    RMMV YEP_BuffsStatesCore/SkillCore drain that heals team, popups issue

    splice has a few uses, but the way it works there is that itll look at a starting index and then remove the specified number of elements from there. without the 1, itll remove every element including and following the starting point the method already makes the change to the array. if you were...
  2. Robro33

    What makes a worthy reward for clearing (Optional) endgame dungeons?

    Even just having them be around making a few extra comments could be nice. its not an example of a getting a character from a superboss, but Chrono Trigger had one of its bosses be an optional character you could recruit. They had very little interaction with the rest of the party, but they were...
  3. Robro33

    RMMV YEP_BuffsStatesCore/SkillCore drain that heals team, popups issue

    no need to replace it, just change the array its working on to not include the user. It could look like this: var pourfam = Math.floor(value*0.5); var allies = user.friendsUnit().aliveMembers(); allies.splice(allies.indexOf(user), 1); allies.forEach(member => { member.gainHp(pourfam)...
  4. Robro33

    RMMV make progressive state with YEP plugins

    something along the lines of this <Custom Turn End Effect> user._bleed = user._bleed +1 || 1; if(user._bleed >=3){ user.removeState(stateId); user.addState(Hemorrhage ID); } </Custom Turn End Effect> <Custom Remove Effect> delete user._bleed; </Custom Remove Effect>
  5. Robro33

    RMMV YEP_BuffsStatesCore/SkillCore drain that heals team, popups issue

    that doesnt necessarily change the possible solutions i mentioned. if you let the tag heal everyone else but the user and let the engine's drain heal the user, the issue where the user's popup gets cut off shouldnt happen id wager. the drain would be unconditional and the resulting party heal...
  6. Robro33

    RMMV YEP_BuffsStatesCore/SkillCore drain that heals team, popups issue

    If the skill itself is supposed to drain on hit to heal the player's party, why not avoid the popup issue entirely by having the skill heal everyone in the party except the user and let the engine's drain handle the user's heal, or make the skill hp damage and leave the tag as is?
  7. Robro33

    RMMV A state that counts a kill in battle?

    Try changing your check to this.isDamage() && target.hp==0 && !target.isStateRestst(1) If its relevant that the target must be an actor and the user is not, and the state winds up on actors too then add the other checks. But checking if the target's HP hit 0 and if theyre not immune to dying...
  8. Robro33

    RMMV Damage timing problem

    It sounds promising. Ill give it a shot... When I can. My pc decided to pull a really cool trick today and BSOD mid raid. Windows wont boot and ill have to go get a spare drive in the morning from somewhere just to start off of. All the data looks intact, and my last backup of the project was...
  9. Robro33

    RMMV Damage timing problem

    Im using Yanfly's Buffs & States and the skill core in my project and i ran into a snag regarding a specific skill and a few state effects I made standard. If anyone has any ideas as how to get this working or alternatives it'd be appreciated. I made a skill that deals no damage to its target...
  10. Robro33

    RMMV Have mp in action sequence effect the substitute target

    since you already provided the formula, the fastest way to see it is to try it itll be faster seeing if it does what you want by trying it than asking if itll do what you want and waiting for a response. if it doesnt, then what to do from there is a good question to ask. if it does, the...
  11. Robro33

    Skills that instantly kills if the enemy has a lower level than the caster

    for that, id install yanfly's skill core plugin and put this in that skill's notebox: <After Eval> if (target.level < user.level) target.addState(state'sID); </After Eval> just replace state'sID with the id of the state you want it to inflict
  12. Robro33

    The party gets robbed, and receive the stuff afterwards

    untested, but these should work. replace the someVariablesIDs with the ids of game variables you'd reserve to store the items //first event's script to take the items $gameVariables.setValue(someVariableID1, $gameParty.items()); $gameVariables.setValue(someVariableID2, $gameParty.weapons())...
  13. Robro33

    Event Sleigh the Competition! 2023 Christmas Game Jam

    Even if you had just put that together, i'll refuse to believe anything other than you just having that at the ready for a situation just like this
  14. Robro33

    RMMV Popup Numbers when using gainHp/etc

    Im assuming you wanted the gold earned from the kill to be the popup for the skill? You could make it display in the message box or make a gab to display it if the popup route doesnt come up with anything usable.
  15. Robro33

    makes npcs pop up angry balloons when their movements are blocked by the player

    your script basically says that as long as theyre moving, call the balloon. is the event running that script parallel? I think it might be because its requesting that same balloon so quickly that only the first frame shows up, which is empty white for all of them. it would also explain why the...
  16. Robro33

    What do these characters say?

    This guy?
  17. Robro33

    Stackable state, that gradually disappears after an attack

    in the last state, a check was put in it to make sure that the current skill being used deals damage before executing its effect. you could start there if it helps
  18. Robro33

    Stackable state, that gradually disappears after an attack

    What have you done so far? you said you made the skill to apply the state in 3 stacks already, but then ask about how to do it. This new state and the ones from the past are going to be largely the same. the only differences are that Itll start your stacks at 3, decrement them when you act...
  19. Robro33

    I had no idea of any this before, but i respect everything here. Im 100% going to buy the MMO...

    I had no idea of any this before, but i respect everything here. Im 100% going to buy the MMO one at the very least
  20. Robro33

    How to make certain state stackable?

    it wont in this case cause the values are too small for it to matter. But since thats how they had asked for it (or atleast how i interpreted it), i imagined that either the damage eventually grows to a point where itll matter, or that there may be similar effects in the future that use greater...

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