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  1. Moogle_X's Actors Friendship System

    The "faceName null" error is something that has been reported a few times, and I apparently made a note that I couldn't reproduce it. If I had a copy of your project, it would probably be possible to reproduce it and find a solution.
  2. Moogle_X's Actors Friendship System

    Have you set the "Leader ID for Map Items" plugin parameter to a valid actor ID?
  3. Project FOSSIL (v1.0): Use MV plugins in MZ! 300+ plugins Fossilized!

    %5B%5D is URL escape syntax for [], so it's probably looking for a png file containing square brackets.
  4. What the MZ RTP is missing!

    If I understand correctly, the gaps you're proposing to fill in this manner are missing large enemy sprites, right? In which case it seems like quite a reasonable thing to try. It is a little unfortunate that many of them would be completely weaponless, but maybe they just fight with their fists.
  5. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Were you aware that the LUK stat has some built-in effects that affect random attack rolls? If you're repurposing it, you would probably want to use a plugin that disables those effects.
  6. Can i make a comercial game using only the trial of mz ?

    This is why it's nice that the trial doesn't have any restrictions other than the time limit. It means you can properly evaluate everything it has to offer.
  7. Can i make a comercial game using only the trial of mz ?

    While the editor itself may not run on Linux, games written in RPGMaker certainly can, and I would hazard that the editor likely runs fine under WINE should you wish to develop on a Linux computer. (You could use the trial period to ascertain if that's true.)
  8. RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    It could be that you're remembering someone commenting about how if-else constructs behave a little strangely in an eval context. An eval returns the result of the last expression. If there is an if-else construct and no additional expression after it, then the expression returned is the last...
  9. How do I make an event that will only trigger when I'm in the airship?

    Why would this work? If it ignores interacting with the event, then it would never even reach the conditional branch that checks you're in an airship, would it? That aside, if you click through to my plugins page, you will find a plugin called SFG_EventTriggers which provides some customization...
  10. A Skill that calls another Skill

    If I recall correctly, isn't it possible to activate a skill from an event? So, your "limit break" skill could call an event which then checks what weapon is equipped and activates the appropriate skill. That still requires a way to inform the event who activated the skill, but I'm pretty sure...
  11. Is it possible to check if a certain Plugin in the "Plugin List" is Turned on or off?

    Actually, Arthran's code is correct. That extra question mark avoids an error message if the plugin is not found (and returns undefined in that case). It shouldn't matter in most cases, as you wouldn't be searching for a plugin that you don't have, but it's more correct.
  12. How do I...make a skill that requires all party members to be alive, with no statuses?

    I omitted that in my example because it defaults to 0 if not provided.
  13. How do I...make a skill that requires all party members to be alive, with no statuses?

    Something like this should work to get the sum of everyone's attack power: $gameParty.members().reduce((sum, actor) => sum + actor.param(0)) That requires the latest version of RPG Maker MV, and I haven't tested it so there may be minor syntax errors. Before using it, I would recommend pasting...
  14. A few questions about how to make certain skill effects.

    Ahh, I understand now. Your original post didn't make that clear. I haven't looked at the code, but it might be possible to set a negative drain or something and have that work. The engine (or the editor) might not let that happen though. Still, it could be worth a try if you don't already have...
  15. A few questions about how to make certain skill effects.

    Isn't there a built-in MP drain function in the engine? This doesn't exist. You would need a plugin that implements the functionality. While having the book item check the actor to determine which spell to teach is one approach, there is another option. You already have a plugin to limit a...
  16. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    Something like this should work: $gameParty.allMembers().some(who => who.isStateAffected(4)) That includes members not participating in battle. If you only want the fighting members, I believe it's battleMembers, and if I recall correctly, just members will also work (and include only battle...
  17. RMMZ Gacha plugin

    One of the MV examples (in the dlc folder if you got it on Steam, or as a separate download if not) is literally a gacha… I don't know how well it transfers to MZ though. It would probably take some work to port.
  18. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    That's Ruby syntax, but MV and MZ are written in Javascript. The JS equivalent of {|param|param.stuff()} is param => param.stuff() (or the function(param) syntax caethyril showed), and in JavaScript there is no option to call a function without parentheses, so you need to surround the entire...
  19. Is the Degica Shop the only place to get the Stand Alone version of MZ?

    This is not correct. If you log out of Steam, the Steam version will refuse to launch. It has been some time since I tried it, but I believe it requires Steam to be running in the background to verify that you own it.
  20. Is it possible for a SE to loop until a player interacts with an event?

    I actually think your movement route solution is quite a neat one too… why don't you recommend it?

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