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  1. RPG Creator Released!

    There's a difference between being easy, and being professional.  You can stretch stuff stuff which might distort the view, or add blank space to the border.  Both come out looking less professional than accounting for your screen size during the development process. 
  2. RPG Creator Released!

    Android fragmentation, there are over 100 different screen resolutions.  I think Apple is up to 3? Maybe 4?
  3. RPG Creator Released!

     Resources can be imported. Can I import my database from the PC version and finish developing on my iPad? 
  4. YEP BattleSystemCTB Plug-In is Freezing the Battle

    Are you sure every other plugin is off?  I had had this problem occur between two Yanfly plugins, CTBand the enemy visual HP gauge.  If if you only have those you listed and didn't miss turning anything else of, make sure they are in the proper order, then enter and exit the plugin to...
  5. My RPGMaker MV 1.20 generated game crashes periodically and always throws up the same errors in the

    I use Yanfly piecemeal and remove anything that causes problems. There are many nice plugins available from Yanfly that work. 
  6. Licensing requirements

    Also, I'm working off SRD 3.5 which is found and governed by the license found therein as I understand it. 
  7. Licensing requirements

    It does not allow me to make digital version of D&D. Dungeons and Dragons is trademarked, copyrighted, and locked down in every imaginable way.  I am allowed to take the core mechanics (things like 12 str being +1 damage and 14 str being +2) and implement them into my own game, including any...
  8. Number of attacks based on level.

    I have all 3 of them but they are not turned on. I looked into them and came to the conclusion if they were able to help me it would either be from an if else then statement, or from an Eval: code, and for either of those I would need to ask someone's assistance as that level of code goes beyond...
  9. Number of attacks based on level.

    I am focusing on making a d20 experience in my game. For those unfamiliar with it, you get more attacks per round based upon your base attack bonus, which is based upon your level. Is there a way to duplicate this with a skill? Since only certain characters get certain skills, I could do this...
  10. My RPGMaker MV 1.20 generated game crashes periodically and always throws up the same errors in the

    Yanfly has reporting requirements for bugs, so I haven't officially reported it yet, but I think there is a conflict somewhere between CTB and YEP_X_VisualHpGauge.  I'm not a very advanced coder but as I recall, something between those two seems to prevent the action selection menu from ...
  11. Shapeshifter

    I can't figure out how to change the graphic with an event. I want to change the side view battler, the map Sprite, and the face image until the shift state is removed.  Did I overlook this capability somewhere within common events?
  12. Shapeshifter

    Is there a shapeshifter type script for MV? I can find a great one for VX Ace but am coming up short for MV. 
  13. Auto-Battle AI

    Honestly, I don't know which I want without trying. My combat system is fairly complex. I've done my best to emulate the d20 system. The skill cool downs are achieved using Yanfly's YEP_X_SkillCooldowns.  In in order to replicate the d20 round structure, almost every skill in my game is...
  14. Cancel a state with a button/tap

    I am working on adding an auto battle feature to my game. I'm really trying to make it seem as smart as possible, but players will always want the choice to stop the AI and make their own choice. Auto battle is easy to add, I have an auto battle command that is tagged as <instant> and seals...
  15. My RPGMaker MV 1.20 generated game crashes periodically and always throws up the same errors in the

    When you said you created a small demo game, did you try one with no plugins as a test?
  16. Auto-Battle AI

    I've noticed several wonderful plugins for adjusting enemy AI. I use Yanfly's  currently, as that allows me to target characters based on rows. Is there a plugin to adjust the AI of party members that are under the effects of the autobattle flag? I need a greater level of control over auto...
  17. Licensing requirements

    I already have a copy. The question was more how to effectively get it in game. It's license info, so it should be accessible before play, like Yanfly's credit plugin. That particular plugin doesn't seem like a good idea though, because I can only copy and paste one line at a time in that. 
  18. Licensing requirements

    Due to what all is included in my game I will be required to include the D20  license agreement. I have found Yanfly's credit page, is there something else out there that is similar to that which I can copy that information into? Preferably something that I can copy and paste with? I'm really...

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