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  1. Rafafa

    Men's dresses

    Do I need to buy that dlc? Or it's free after buying RMMV?
  2. Rafafa

    Men's dresses

    Hmm... That's not bad idea. But breasts still will be visible on map and in battle
  3. Rafafa

    Men's dresses

    I'm using SumRndmDde dynamic actors plugin. It makes that our character clothes changes with your equipment (for example: when you wear earrings as accessory, then your character will wear them on map). This plugin uses generator parts. I wanted to make that our character can wear dresses, but...
  4. Rafafa

    Anyone knows plugin for talking npcs in background?

    Perfect, thank you ^^
  5. Rafafa

    Anyone knows plugin for talking npcs in background?

    Not quite what I expected... Yes! It's just perfect! But I'm looking for RMMV
  6. Rafafa

    Anyone knows plugin for talking npcs in background?

    I'm looking for a plugin that makes a message box pop up above NPC. Player can ignore it and continue playing without talking with NPC. I need it for exaple to make two NPCs talking to each other, shouting NPCs at the market, NPCs who do surveys around town. I know that plugin, but for RMMZ and...

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