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  1. RPG Maker resources used in non RPG Maker game?

    Hello, I'm sorry if im writing in wrong channel. ( please move my thread if wrong channel ) This forum is pretty confusing and I'm not sure where i should ask, but I come with I hope simple question. I'm C++ Programmer for many years, for last Year i was working on my own Game Engine, I made...

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So in my SRPG, when kill monsters, they leave an aura that grants +20% Crit, +20% PDMG MDMG. Aura lasts only for 1 turn, it forces players when and where to last hit.

So frustrating when you just wanna work on your game but people want to do stuff in RL... :p
Day #9 of Advent is all ready in one spot! Do you prefer doing your shopping way before Xmas, or…do you like the chaos? Are you done shopping and/or crafting for Xmas?
Fast test with Wagon and horse no animation. yes it looks strange horse is Ralph and wagon is follower xDDDD
Should first boss be easy or maybe little medium, I don't want to be overwhelmingly hard

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