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  1. TheNothingMonster

    Do "Name Your Price" games count as commercial?

    Some publishing sites I have come across allow the uploader to either set their games as free, paid, or let the audience choose whatever price they want to pay (AKA: Name Your Price). Knowing that there is the option to download a project for free in the latter cases, are these projects...
  2. TheNothingMonster

    Looking for a script which displays a text window without pausing the player's movement

    Hello. I am searching for some kind of script which runs selected Show Text commands without pausing the game flow (similarly to parallel events). Basically, I want the player to be able to move and interact with certain things normally while text is being shown on screen, just like how the...
  3. TheNothingMonster

    Control Characters in Script Strings

    I noticed that a couple of scripts I have installed support Control Characters in their strings. For instance, you could put a variable in a string like this: "\\V[id]" and it will display that variable just like in Show Text. How is this possible? I am just curious. ^^ ; (I should probably...
  4. TheNothingMonster

    Poorly Describe Your Game Projects

    Bunny thinks he is a superhero and murders anyone the voice inside his head chooses.
  5. TheNothingMonster

    Good Pixel art software?

    Just about any basic drawing/image editing software can be used for pixel art. GIMP and Krita are the most prime examples I can think of. I highly recommend those two. Other than that, I am not familiar with any free pixel software which can be used for RPG Maker graphics/assets specifically...
  6. TheNothingMonster

    Frames in Animation tab won't default to "Normal" blend mode

    By the looks of things, it appears that there is no plain setting to mark newly created cells as "Normal" by default. However, you can make all the cells inside a selected frame share a single blending option with "Cell Batch", just like ATT_Turant said above. I guess it's one of the engine's...
  7. TheNothingMonster

    Modification to Milena's Script

    Thanks for the fix!
  8. TheNothingMonster

    Modification to Milena's Script

    It works just how I wanted! Thank you so much! : D (I apologise for my late reply! I must have missed the notification. I am unsure whether this will be marked as necroposting.)
  9. TheNothingMonster


    Hello everyone. I'm TheNothingMonster and I have been a huge fan of RPG Maker games for a good while now. I began using RPG Maker VX Ace around 2019 and released my first game to the public in August of 2020. I am currently working on various projects, one of which is my biggest one so far...
  10. TheNothingMonster

    Modification to Milena's Script

    Script Link: Hi. Is there a way to keep the Bonus Stage option active even upon quitting? The script seems to reset whenever I quit entirely from the game, despite having...

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