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  1. holyratchels

    MacBook with Big Sur - Visual Novel Maker

    I have a MacBook with Big Sur, but the game does not start on it, it only shows the "NW.JS" window How to solve this problem ?
  2. holyratchels

    VNM Errors

    I really like the VNM engine, I have been doing a project in it for several months now. But I ran into several bugs that only developers can fix: Timers, HotSpot, Gallery (Standard gallery in the example) Tell me when will these errors be corrected?
  3. holyratchels


  4. holyratchels

    CG Gallery problem

    Working gallery:
  5. holyratchels

    full screen in the web version

  6. holyratchels

    full screen in the web version

    Very funny )) :wink:
  7. holyratchels

    full screen in the web version

    How to open the game in full screen in the web version? Tried pasting the code but it doesn't work: function openFullscreen() { var elem = document.documentElement; if (elem.requestFullscreen) { elem.requestFullscreen(); } else if (elem.mozRequestFullScreen) { /* Firefox */...
  8. holyratchels

    roll-back button

    my friend my gallery does not work))
  9. holyratchels

    roll-back button

    Guys, tell me how to roll-back? (That is, a button that will return the game to the previous frame?) i mean in the game go back to the previous frame as "renpy" Or maybe there are ready-made solutions?
  10. holyratchels

    Visual Novel Maker for Russian people

    Visual Novel Maker for Russian people Do not thank use! ))
  11. holyratchels

    Link android ?

    if (window.nw) { nw.Shell.openExternal(""); } else {"", "_system") }
  12. holyratchels

    Saves game

    I solved this issue, the setting where the save choice is stored is in: database - system -and the third point from the top shows where to store the save
  13. holyratchels

    Edit the diamond at the end of messages

    in all graphic editors there is such a possibility, the game engine is written in html5 language, and it also has such an opportunity to name the letter spacing. (letter-spacing: 5px;)
  14. holyratchels

    Speed of writing text (creeping line)

    no i don't use Vray
  15. holyratchels

    Link android ?

    Hi guys. Who knows how to correctly register a link so that it opens on a computer and on android? This only works on a computer: nw.Shell.openExternal("");
  16. holyratchels

    On the sides of the application, is it possible to change the gray frames to black?

    how to change the background color in your framework? I mean the background color of Visual Novel Maker
  17. holyratchels

    Translating texts ingame

    here is a dead forum, I have the same problem, no one here will help. ((
  18. holyratchels

    problems with translation of buttons

    How to translate text in buttons into an additional language?
  19. holyratchels


    I tried different masks, they are very good. But there is no "close / open eyes" GIF file itself. That's why I wanted to ask where can I get this file or can I download it somewhere? Or do you need to create it yourself?

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