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  1. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Hey! I used these codes:
  2. Ventiq

    Final Fantasy Retro Menu

    Final Fantasy Retro Menu v1.03 by Ventiq Introduction This plugin changes menu to look like its from retro Final Fantasy. Screenshots I actually uploaded this plugin to Steam Workshop, but I decided to bring it here too. Script Dropbox Credit Feel free to use...
  3. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Alright there is now new link available for demo and plugin. Thanks to thalesgal's friend to made that 'exp to level' text. I added that to new version as well. Changes You can now use Actor's bust picture if you add this <avatar:picture> to your actor note in database. Add pictures...
  4. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Hey guys. Sorry for not answering posts, I have been busy studying. But I am glad someone helped already with 'the to next lvl' -thing  :) Yeah it is possible to do that. I will work for that now.
  5. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Hmm well I can always try :)
  6. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Added new link and I quick tested Galv_QuestLog plugin. It works if Galv's plugin is below Single_Actor plugin.
  7. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Updated to version 1.01. Skill-, Equip- and Status menu will open for actor 1 only so no more need to press OK before you can jump to new window. Now I will make script which fixes "one friend" scope so it will automatically select that one actor.
  8. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Not yet, but I will try :)
  9. Ventiq

    Single Actor

    Single Actor v1.05 by Ventiq Introduction This script creates menu for one actor only so no more empty space bothering. Screenshots Added all changelogs from the steam workshop version as well. Script Dropbox Demo Dropbox FAQ Q: Does it work with YEP_CoreEngine? A: So far, yes. But...

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