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  1. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    Ok I finished a modification that let's you enable and disable the steal option. (It's off by default) If I made it so you can't steal certain items, I would need to mod the editor. #========================PREFERENCES============================= $dice = 47 #THE PERCENTAGE CHANCE OF SUCCESS...
  2. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    I'll give it a try! Should be pretty easy to disable the option with an event switch.
  3. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    Go ahead! That's why I made the preferences global variables.
  4. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    Yes, it's very possible! All I need to look up is how to check a character's LV. Every time shop is opened, it will check the LV of the first character of the party. Though if you want to make the little modification, go ahead! I might even update this again, seeing how some people are...
  5. Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    For my game, there would be a place to read cooking recipes. When confirming that you want to see one, it will display the recipe. It will then ask if you want to print it off for convenience. A nice little bit for those who like to cook.
  6. Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Is there a way to automatically print something on a connected printer with RPG VXA? It would be cool to have this function for various reasons. I wouldn't be surprised is there's no way to do so.
  7. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    I can probably make a Shop Steal addon that lets you link your chances to a stat, like LUK. But making it like what you said would take a ton of time. Though you can request another person to make an addon that can do both of those functions. All they need to really do is calculate the prices &...
  8. What are some underappreciated scripts you like?

    Thanks for correcting me I think. (jeez I can't find my way around here) Not really looking for scripts, just a friendly discussion on scripts that we like to use and think are underappreciated/underrated. Might even find something amazing that no one heard of. Hence why I'm not asking for...
  9. What's functionally different between Script and Plugin

    The question has 2 main ways of seeing it, both being more like rephrased versions of each other. Sorry if it was hard to understand. 1. Is there a benefit to using plugins instead of scripts? 2. Why would people make plugins instead of scripts?
  10. What's functionally different between Script and Plugin

    I look online for RMVXA scripts, but I hate it when it's like Click here for the script and it's a massive download with more steps than necessary. I get it if it's something engine changing like an ABS plugin, but it's usually not. Yes I have checked if it's MV, but it isn't. Is there any...
  11. What are some underappreciated scripts you like?

    There are plenty of scripts that do useful or interesting things. Plugins seem to be way more popular when adding functions. What are some scripts that you use and think should get more attention? Links to them would also be nice.
  12. Shop Steal (UPDATED)

    Finally finished it! No more known bugs! IT'S FUNCTIONALLY PERFECT! NOW UPDATED TO BE MORE USER-FRIENDLY This allows the player to steal items from any shop in your game. The player has a 47% success chance, but the other 53% is up to you to decide! How stealing works: You select the new steal...
  13. Shop Steal free buy problem

    Thank you SO MUCH! I managed to find the problem. Several areas I accidentally deleted, and replaced them with the steal functions. Don't ask me how that happened, I'm just as clueless as you. Now that the script is functionally perfected, I'm going to post it in some places.
  14. Shop Steal free buy problem

    The buy option is not working right, but steal and sell works perfectly fine. The problem with buy is that it's letting the player take one of any item when you open the buy option, regardless of how much money you have. It corrects itself when you take an item, however goes back when buy is...
  15. Shop Steal free buy problem

    If you mean by where it's activated, I use Scene_Shop. I put it with the Buy and Sell commands, though I mostly copy and pasted the Buy definitions and replaced Buy with Steal. Do you think you need Scene_Shop's code to find the problem?
  16. Shop Steal free buy problem

    I am trying to make a new mechanic that allows you to steal from any shop. All I need to do is fix a bug where you get one free item from the buy window whenever it's opened, allowing infinite items. Once this one bug is fixed, it's ready for me and others to properly use. I really want to make...
  17. Shop Steal free buy problem

    That didn't work. It crashed the game because there was no number.
  18. Shop Steal free buy problem

    This should (and hopefully) be the last Shop Steal problem I have. So as you might know, I'm a amateur at coding, but I can still figure things out (RUBY can make so many more problems) The problem is that when buying stuff, the items are free when the window opens. The script only adds code, so...
  19. Stat Swap status ailment?

    Thank you! Finally got the effect to work.
  20. What's wrong with this bit of code?

    Even the smart make mistakes that they cant figure out.

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