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  1. twosnakes

    RMMV Detecting distance from region id?

    Thanks for the help everyone, I probably should have explained my plan to begin with (why didn't I?!). I'm using community lightning and don't like how the flashlight goes through walls. Other lightning plugins with ray tracing haven't been able to provide a lag free experience (for MV), so I...
  2. twosnakes

    RMMV Detecting distance from region id?

    Thank you everyone for the help so far! - just the distance along a single axis - length can change - regions are static This plugin works nicely so far :). I just corrected $player to $gamePlayer to get it to work. So far there is no performance hit with a wait command and only checking when...
  3. twosnakes

    Is writing dialogues a pleasure or a consuming task in your game development

    I write everything myself. It's fun and worth it, but quite time consuming. Getting things to sound and flow well is definately a production.
  4. twosnakes

    RMMV Detecting distance from region id?

    Interesting, that's sounds like it could work. Definately beyond my current skill level though lol, where would I start?
  5. twosnakes

    RMMV Detecting distance from region id?

    Hello, Is there a script or way to check how many tiles or pixels the player is away from a region ID? For example I'm trying to check if the player is within 3 tiles of region ID 10, (specifically on the X axis)
  6. twosnakes

    RMMZ [MZ & MV v1.9.4] Shora Lighting & Shadow System

    Hey @Shora, how are things looking on the optimization front(MV)?
  7. twosnakes

    RMMV [MV+MZ] FIXED v1.6! Optimized Lighting with Real-Time Shadows (new: saving system fixed!)

    Welcome back from your studies! This plugin looks promising, I'm gonna do a deep dive tomorrow after work. For some reason this never came up in any of my previous searches for lighting plugins :(
  8. twosnakes

    Skills Trees plugin (MZ + MV) (+visual editor)

    BGM to play while the skill tree scene is open would be nice
  9. twosnakes

    RPG Maker - Set Manager (v1.2.0)

    I get the following error anytime I try to save, confirmed version 1.1.1: Uncaught Exception: You might need to restart the application. Consider reporting this issue so I can correct it Traceback (most recent call last): File "modules\", line 33, in File "modules\", line 181...
  10. twosnakes

    Skills Trees plugin (MZ + MV) (+visual editor)

    For "passive" talents I've just been running a common event that unlock bonuses (+def,+atk, etc)
  11. twosnakes

    Skills Trees plugin (MZ + MV) (+visual editor)

    This is great. NO issues so far in testing. Can you add a confirmation window when learning a skill?
  12. twosnakes

    RMMZ [MZ & MV v1.9.4] Shora Lighting & Shadow System

    Latest version is finally giving me stellar performance, awesome work Shora! Still some stutter, but likely related to all my other plugins and stuff going on. Any prospects for even more optimization in MV? Also would there be a way to use Terrain Tags instead of region ids?
  13. twosnakes

    Map Inventory MZ + MV (visual grid inventory) [Update 2.0]

    oops. I was copying the js file from the MV folder which is 2.0, didn't notice the latest version 2.5 is in the main folder this whole time ugh! My bad. I'm happy with the alternative description mode better. No need for different keys. Thanks for your work and long term support on your...
  14. twosnakes

    Map Inventory MZ + MV (visual grid inventory) [Update 2.0]

    is there a way to show the equipment stats (extra information) together in one window instead of having to scroll? Also is there a way to change the key bind to something other than the mouse wheel?
  15. twosnakes

    RMMZ Eternal Tale: Seal of the Four Heroes (Demo)

    I really like the retro aesthetic, looks great!
  16. twosnakes

    Would making a crowd of NPCs facing player w/ parallel events crash my game?

    Would a wait command at the beginning of a parallel process be any different versus having it at the end?
  17. twosnakes

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Works beautifully now at sort level = 1. Can't thank you enough for this!
  18. twosnakes

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Sorry snapchat your version didn't work at all for me, I had to revert back to ImaginaryVillains 4.6 to unbreak the game lol. Had multiple conflicts with a plethora of other critical plugins I'm using. I really appreciate the effort though, thank you.
  19. twosnakes

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    The persistent trouble with Z-levels. Any ideas on how I can get Khas Hint/Tutorial System to show-up higher than the lighting layers? Plugin order had no effect.
  20. twosnakes

    Velzades Art Workshop

    Nice work, I'm down for a bust of my main character if there are slots available

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