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  1. immatx

    fishing level gains based on fish caught

    Yes! That should work much better. Have you gotten a chance to test it to see if it works at all? Although for balancing purposes you might want to make salmon catchable at level 2 as well.
  2. immatx

    fishing level gains based on fish caught

    This common event. And again you have the greater/lesser than setup backwards I think. Also you want to give priority to the ones with higher requirements, because the event will always run the first page it is able to. The way it is now, because a 100 size fish is also greater than 20, it will...
  3. immatx

    fishing level gains based on fish caught

    Looks good, can you post the common event? That's not exactly what I meant when I said use a random number, but hey if that's what you wanted then that's even better. What are the self switches doing? Also that event will always run blank because your fish sizes have different requirements...
  4. immatx

    fishing level gains based on fish caught

    I need some more information to work with. Is a common event included in the fishing level anywhere or is it specifically in events? Also I'm assuming you have fishing level setup as a variable. By the looks of it the % changes based on fish size, why not run a random number and increase the...
  5. immatx

    insta-kill state problems.

    Not sure if you've solved this or not, but if it was me I would create two new states, one for the insta-kill and one for the boss. The one on the boss just makes it impossible to insta-kill, it would just be an empty invisible state that identified it as a boss (so not insta-killable). This...
  6. immatx

    Friends on the otherside.

    Oh yeah didn't think of that, that'd be an issue lol.
  7. immatx

    Is my custom art too ugly?

    The background, trails, sometimes trees or caves, stuff like that. Your base.
  8. immatx

    Friends on the otherside.

    You mean in an encounter a troop that spawns alongside the enemies but helps you instead of attacking you? I suppose it's possible, although you might have to either alter scripting or give them negative attack, and a skill that does negative healing, or something to that extent, if you don't...
  9. immatx

    Is my custom art too ugly?

    I didn't like the ones in your first post but this one looks really nice. As long as it's blended well I think it'll be fine, maps usually don't look good when you just have the first layer, and yours just stand out because they aren't as polished, but that'll come with practice so I think your...
  10. immatx

    Support Conversation Array?

    An array is basically just a suitcase. You can put different items in it, and different types of items. Then you can pull them out at any time, and sort them using different characteristics (although this can be tricky if you're using lots of different combinations). In theory the way it would...
  11. immatx

    Need help with boss's eventing and attack pattern.

    Sorry I can't do pictures (my laptop hates them) but I'll try to explain in a picturesque manner (it's totally a thing). Enter the database and go to the troops page. I'm assuming you already have the boss setup in both the enemies and troops pages. You want to go down and change the condition...
  12. immatx

    Support Conversation Array?

    Ooooooh yes this would be super easy in an array. I'd do it for you but sadly, I don't know java yet, only ruby. Also I haven't ever written a script/plugin for any rpg maker engine so I would probably have a hard time trying to reference the right data. *note to self learn java and how to...
  13. immatx

    APK - Problem

    I've never run into this issue before, but I'll take a stab at it. Just to make sure, you exported it with the web browser option, correct? Which browser are you using? And lastly, how big was your exported game file?
  14. immatx

    Math pros help me calculate my grades?

    Haha that's why they get paid the big bucks. I hope you pull through. With a 93.9 you get your A. Best of luck.
  15. immatx

    Math pros help me calculate my grades?

    Nope, I just did the math super fast without bothering to check, and if you got all of the possible points for the quizzes you would only need to get average an 88.6 to get an A. If you had gotten 0's on all three quizzes it would be impossible to get an A without getting 100's on all of your...
  16. immatx

    Math pros help me calculate my grades?

    You need to average at least a 94.2 on your last test and your final in order to get an A. That will get you the minimum of a 90, so there's not much leeway.
  17. immatx

    Question About A Theoretical Situation

    Can't you just use the force quit/return to menu (I can't remember what it is actually called) event command? I think @Andar's should work fine for the variables, I can't think of a way to do it without scripts.
  18. immatx

    RMMZ Haven: Secret of Caledria | Demo Available

    This looks really good! Unfortunately, my laptop sucks and won't run it. I'll try to find some other way to play it, but I just thought I'd let you know that it looks very appealing based on what you put in the post.
  19. immatx

    Storing Actor class in a variable so that it can be recalled after a cutscene.

    If what @Lantiz suggested doesn't work you can just create a common event that checks the current class, and assigns a number to a variable based on the number of that class in the class index page. If you want an example I have a class changing common event I made a while back hidden away...
  20. immatx

    Why do people complain about games that they don't play?

    Huh, these were not the responses I'd expected. I have to respectfully disagree with the general consensus, I think it's VERY important to play a game first. The only time you shouldn't is when clearly saying that you are giving INITIAL IMPRESSIONS. Otherwise you can't tell without context...

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